Terrance Wren Video: ‘We Need to Build From Inside the Hood’

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Terrance Wren, an artist and songwriter who is also known as TjillaHooks.

Terrance discusses ‘We Need to Build From Inside the Hood,’ shedding light on The change that needs to come from within.

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And make sure to watch Will Johnson focus on Where Are the Protests for David Dorn?, where he sheds a disturbing light on When black lives don’t matter — to Black Lives Matter.

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One thought on “Terrance Wren Video: ‘We Need to Build From Inside the Hood’”

  1. Interesting conversation which I totally agree with. This is someone who is very well aware of what is really happening and accepts reality. I say that about accepting reality because sadly many blacks and whites are not willing to deal with the facts. In my local hometown newspaper in a letter to the editor from a black man, he seemed to refuse to accept that the US of today is not in any way similar to conditions that existed at the time of slavery and Jim Crow. The writer, in fact, refuted and discounted another earlier letter as irrelevant where that writer pointed out that Obama had been elected President twice despite being a mixed race partially black man. His attitude was that only blacks should/would decide what information was acceptable or significant regarding racial harmony. Since in his mind all whites are apparently racists, then they don’t get a seat at the table so to speak. This will never end well if we continue to think and act like the black community has no responsibility for what happens in their neighborhood. Frankly, after all of this rioting, I must say that I am proud of any man or woman that is willing to serve on a police force today. They should be paid twice the money and get twice the training on how to deal with someone who is on drugs, very large in size , resistant to arrest and may be armed. Even so, training doesn’t totally help when dealing with someone who is totally irrational because of being drunk or high on drugs. It is a very dangerous situation that too many people think that police officers should be able to handle without harm to themselves or the one being arrested. It is a fantasy land. Everyone in this country should be given a lecture and videos on the dangers of policing in this kind of environment. Police must be respected by everyone. Unfortunately, there is little respect in society today, particularly with regard to our President. Even before he took office he was vilified and Democrats plotted to get rid of him.

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