Conservative Momma Video: Shaun King’s War on Jesus

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This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Conservative Momma, who discusses Shaun King’s War on Jesus, and she asks: What lives did Jesus not die for exactly?

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Subscribe to the Glazov Gang‘s YouTube Channel and follow us on Twitter: @JamieGlazov.

2 thoughts on “Conservative Momma Video: Shaun King’s War on Jesus”

  1. Thanks so much conservative Momma for your analysis of who we are as Christians. We are one in spirit with Jesus Christ, without any bodily color thrown in. To Jesus, all lives matter. Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization that is intent on overthrowing our government and creating chaos, not an organization for helping Black Americans in a good way. I thank Anni and Jamie that I am able to say this here because my local left wing newspaper refuses to print the truth about this group of anarchists including Shaun King. God bless all of you for what you do to tell the honest and accurate story.

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