Finch: All Undone

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Editor’s note: The short intro and poem below are authored by Michael Finch.

The great cathedral of Constantinople, Hagia Sophia, has been closed to Christians as Turkey has turned it into a mosque. For almost a century it was a museum and open to all, but no longer. A devastating day for Eastern Orthodox Christians, a sad day for all Christians and for all people of faith in the world.  In retreat we all fall.

All Undone
by Michael Finch

Our world and lives have come undone,
Storms circling, all certainty sailed far on,
What has come to pass, the final call?

Our greatness gone, faded to trumpets song.

I came to rest in a quiet place,
High grass, tall trees, an aching breeze,
Into the glade like folds of peace,

His arms we fall in eternal time.

Michael Finch is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. His new collection of poetry is Wanderings in Place. Contact him at:

One thought on “Finch: All Undone”

  1. The Hague mosque is being used by ergodan as a sample of ISLAMIC superiority. As an ISLAMIC nothing matters more than HIGHLIGHTING ALLAH! HIS OPION IS PROBABLY TO HELL WITH ALL THE KAFIR IN TERMS WITH THE SHARIA.

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