Video: Democrats – The Party of ‘Unity’ and ‘Empathy’?

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This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Conservative Momma, who focuses on: Democrats – The Party of ‘Unity’ and ‘Empathy’?, revealing When ‘unity’ and ‘empathy’ maim and destroy.  

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8 thoughts on “Video: Democrats – The Party of ‘Unity’ and ‘Empathy’?”

  1. If only we didn’t have such an ignorant electorate that believes everything that the media tells them. I am very concerned that we don’t have enough people who genuinely care about this country to reelect Trump. The guy has done an amazing job despite the kind of disgusting stuff that he has been put through. I have tried to talk with people in my Bible study group that seem to think that Trump is the boogey man based upon the lies and more lies told by the media and the Democrats. It is disgusting and disheartening. People who are well educated turn out to have no brains (i.e., no common sense).

    1. Trump will willing n in a bigger landslide than 2016! Trump is doing Gods will for America and the world! The problem is not the people but the crooked, criminal, perverted, treasonous, lying judges, politicians, media, social media persons who want America to become a fascist country, and take away our health, freedoms, safety, opportunities, education, Christianity, laws, constitution, history, borders, beliefs, and values! So if you think about it who in their right mind would vote for biden, he is a wack job, not capable of even knowing where he is, and a genuine traitor to our country. Mamala is not black, not a citizen, her father and grandfather were slave owners and traders, she rose in her career by having sex with a married man, she comes from a family of marxists. When she ran on her own, she couldnt even get 3%! Even bad people dont want to lose their rights, safety or freedoms, or be taxed 300% by greedy idiots. Even stupid people dont want violent crimes to increase 100% because there are no police to protect innocent citizens! Yes, everyone needs to get out and vote, not vote by mail, and when we do that we win! But I dont see barr doing anything, and he has all the evidence he needs to put these traitors in prison or hang them for treason in the many declassed docs. So, I would be more concerned about that and all our crooked intel that must be totally revamped

      1. Yes, I am wondering the same about AG Barr. What’s taking so long? When are the guilty going to be prosecuted? We need a DOJ we can trust.

    2. I have the same concerns. My church also seems to be jumping on the bandwagon with the racial narrative which is making me want to distance myself from them more and more. People are easily deceived and Christians, who should know better, do not. 🙏🙏🙏 Cultural Marxism has invaded the church.

    3. Well your wrong. Trump will win by a landslide and you’d better hope so or you’ll be in this:

      The Pathway to the End Days Has Been Established: The 5 Globalist Goals Related to the Introduction of COVID-19
      Submitted by Dave Hodges on Saturday, September 19, 2020 – 12:31
      Nobody has published a list, until now, which states, “These are the goals of the contrived, so-called pandemic.” However, the goals can be ascertained through observation and the sequencing of data and that is what this article will address.
      Have you wondered out loud how we can call this a pandemic? Where are the bodies in the street? What does it say about the general health of America, except for the people with serious underlying health conditions, about the veracity of the claim that we must
      lock-down in the face of the alleged pandemic, yet, it takes a test to determine If one has even contracted or been exposed to this “pandemic”. If only all of our pandemics were so obscure.
      As covered on the CSS, the Commissioner of the FDA stated on April 18, 2020, that test manufacturers were not going to be required to validate the accuracy of their tests. This is why there are endless allegations of fabricated numbers and that nobody really knows what the numbers entail. The goal was clearly to provide a pretext to shut down by perpetuating an environment to exist in which fraudulent numbers could be used to shut America down. And this is not only happening in the United States, but it is occurring throughout the entire western civilization. As a result, the global economy has collapsed. However, in this process involving fraud and deceit, on an unparalleled scale, the multiple agendas are transparent for all who have eyes to see.
      The Manipulative Goals of the “Plandemic” Lockdown
      In ascending order, ranging from least important to most important, the following represent the goals of the lockdown:
      Goal #1: The Compromised Democratic Party Are Leading a Bolshevik Revolution Against the Constitution and Populism
      SIMULTANEOUS GOVERNMENTAL AND REGIME CHANGE of the United States and the rising tide of populism is the first level
      target of the lockdowns resulting from the plandemic. It is quite clear that destruction of the middle class and the upper middle class of the United States is the primary objective of the so-called pandemic and subsequent lock-downs.
      The two primary goals of the lockdowns consist of the destruction of all civil liberties and to crush the economic strength of the group most inclined to stand up to this tyranny, the small business owners of the middle and upper middle class. The economic goals will be handled separate and apart from the political goals of this attack upon the Constitution.
      It is at this level that America is presently preoccupied in the moment in a never-ending struggle between civil liberty and imposed communist lock-downs. The real battle has to do with imposing a communist/Marxist government on the people of the United States.
      This is where the Pelosi’s, Biden’s, Harris’ et al come into play. They are the modern-day Brownshirt’s. As the public representatives of the Deep State, these Brownshirt Democrats primary task to destroy the rule of law. Their secondary goal is to demoralize any
      potential resistance through a constant discrimination against the people and their rights. This is why casinos are open and churches are discriminated against. Public employees in California can work out in government gyms, but public gyms are closed. There is no hiding the duplicity and it is deliberate and is designed to remove any thoughts of successful resistance. From published CDC documents and even Fauci’s March of 2020 statements, we know the masks do not work. However, these ineffective masks are the modern symbols of enslavement.
      The dehumanizing effects cannot be overlooked as well. The economic goal will be handled separately from the political destruction of the United States. In order to transfer the governmental power structure TOTALLY away from the people, the Constitution must be totally destroyed and it is. Local Democrats have eviscerated the Bill of Rights especially for Christians. Social media is allowed to censor in
      Violation of Open Forum Law, Section 230, and they do so with impunity. As is happening in Australia and New Zealand it will soon be a crime in America to speak out against tyranny of autocratic rule. And let’s not forget that the mainstream media is a partner to these modern day Brownshirts with the constant reference to “social-distancing, wear your mask and “we are all in this together”. This is the dominant PSYOP of the day. This MSM mantra is demoralizing and conditions the public to obey.
      Goal #2 of the Lockdowns: The Economic Destruction of the United States
      The second and simultaneous goal of the lockdowns is the economic destruction of the United States. This runs hand in hand with destruction of representative government and the Constitution.
      America is the world’s home to entrepreneurship and economic mobility. Further, in order for the Democrats to establish a Marxist government, ruled by the business elite, all competition to the global corporate oligarchy must be eliminated. That means the destruction
      of the corporate elite as a corporate oligarchy takeover is being executed and will supersede previous political rights and economic independence of the American people. Any economic independence which fosters self-determination must be eliminated.
      In the so-called pandemic, the large corporations were declared “essential” and enjoyed record profits while their small business competitors were closed and largely eliminated.
      There can be no New World Order if there is a country such as America, that has a robust economy that allows for social-economic mobility. There can be no New World Order if there are citizens in one of the planet’s most populous countries, armed with advanced weaponry and who have never experienced defeat. This is why America must become New Babylon. In 2012, I had a long-term personal friend, who worked for FEMA, bug out, with like-minded colleague. He told me that the hammer was coming down because of the rising tide of populism and this was in 2012, long before Donald Trump’s candidacy.
      Many, most Americans believe that if we can just get Donald Trump elected, the pandemic-related lock-downs will be eliminated and a return to normalcy is possible. That is not the case as that ship has sailed. Trump may not send you to a FEMA camp, however, that is about all he can offer because the globalists have already destroyed America, it is just that the illusion of normalcy exists and cognitive dissonance rules the day. And even if Trump is re-elected, there is not guarantee that he will survive assassination especially not that Ginsburg dead and a deciding-Supreme Court seat lies in the balance. Because of these factors and more, a civil war lies in our immediate future. It will not end for the globalists and their Democratic minions and their subversive groups, until this country is in ruins.
      One might wonder what will replace the Republic? Wrong question as there more goals to ponder.
      Goal #3- The Destruction of the United States
      When America is sufficiently weakened, China and Russia will attack the United States. Unless there is a miracle, America will lose 90% of its population by 2025, according to the think tank projections of the Deagel group. Our predicted GDP will be about 12% of what it
      is today and people wonder why I say store guns, ammo, gold, silver, natural medicine etc. A future article will focus on this aspect.
      Goal #4-The Consolidation of Totalitarian Gains
      For those left alive, a nightmarish hellhole of constant surveillance, FEMA camps and purges will be the rule of the day as this is typical of a Bolshevik regime and the blue-helmeted Chinese will not be interested in co-occupancy of this country that will be occupied by the new world policeman and they don’t take prisoners. Another article will be forthcoming on this point as well.
      Goal #5- The Rise of the 4th Industrial Revolution
      A new paradigm of commerce and culture will arise and AI will replace all industry which is why our industrial base is being destroyed today in order to make way. This will mark the rise of the Age of Trans humanism. Another article will be forthcoming on this point as well.
      As America is beset with an economic collapse and the takeover of our government along with the further elimination of any semblance of freedom, it is understandable that in today’s world, we are fixated on these points. However, what lies ahead beyond the immediate is
      literally hell on earth. Satan is indeed preparing a temporary residence for us to live in.
      About the Author
      Dave Hodges has been publishing the Common Sense Show since 2012. The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is toprovide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty.

  2. maybe if they appreciated how apocalyptic the situation was… they wudn’t be able to enjoy a beer & a game!!! ;~O
    Boogey mam!!! Isaiah 45=Potus 45!!!

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