Video: Democrats – The Party of ‘Unity’ and ‘Empathy’?

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This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Conservative Momma, who focuses on: Democrats – The Party of ‘Unity’ and ‘Empathy’?, revealing When ‘unity’ and ‘empathy’ maim and destroy.  

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7 thoughts on “Video: Democrats – The Party of ‘Unity’ and ‘Empathy’?”

  1. If only we didn’t have such an ignorant electorate that believes everything that the media tells them. I am very concerned that we don’t have enough people who genuinely care about this country to reelect Trump. The guy has done an amazing job despite the kind of disgusting stuff that he has been put through. I have tried to talk with people in my Bible study group that seem to think that Trump is the boogey man based upon the lies and more lies told by the media and the Democrats. It is disgusting and disheartening. People who are well educated turn out to have no brains (i.e., no common sense).

    1. Trump will willing n in a bigger landslide than 2016! Trump is doing Gods will for America and the world! The problem is not the people but the crooked, criminal, perverted, treasonous, lying judges, politicians, media, social media persons who want America to become a fascist country, and take away our health, freedoms, safety, opportunities, education, Christianity, laws, constitution, history, borders, beliefs, and values! So if you think about it who in their right mind would vote for biden, he is a wack job, not capable of even knowing where he is, and a genuine traitor to our country. Mamala is not black, not a citizen, her father and grandfather were slave owners and traders, she rose in her career by having sex with a married man, she comes from a family of marxists. When she ran on her own, she couldnt even get 3%! Even bad people dont want to lose their rights, safety or freedoms, or be taxed 300% by greedy idiots. Even stupid people dont want violent crimes to increase 100% because there are no police to protect innocent citizens! Yes, everyone needs to get out and vote, not vote by mail, and when we do that we win! But I dont see barr doing anything, and he has all the evidence he needs to put these traitors in prison or hang them for treason in the many declassed docs. So, I would be more concerned about that and all our crooked intel that must be totally revamped

      1. Yes, I am wondering the same about AG Barr. What’s taking so long? When are the guilty going to be prosecuted? We need a DOJ we can trust.

    2. I have the same concerns. My church also seems to be jumping on the bandwagon with the racial narrative which is making me want to distance myself from them more and more. People are easily deceived and Christians, who should know better, do not. 🙏🙏🙏 Cultural Marxism has invaded the church.

  2. maybe if they appreciated how apocalyptic the situation was… they wudn’t be able to enjoy a beer & a game!!! ;~O
    Boogey mam!!! Isaiah 45=Potus 45!!!

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