Christmas Special: Celebrating the Incarnation of God the Son

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Dr. Edward Dalcour, the president of

Dr. Dalcour discusses hosts the Glazov Gang’s Christmas Special, Celebrating the Incarnation of God the Son, providing a meditation on the central Christian doctrine that God became flesh.

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Special: Celebrating the Incarnation of God the Son”

  1. Thanks for this Jamie. I wish the good doctor would have amplified on the concept of the hypostatic union of the Father and the Son, as well as the Arian objections to Christ’s divinity (they believed Christ is a highly developed human but not a part of the Godhead) which were confronted successfully by Athanasius in the 4th century and expanded by the Council of Chalcedon in 451AD. Muslims are Arians as are Unitarians and Jehovah’s Witnesses. For Jews, Jesus (Yeshua) is one of many false Messiahs, although Rabbi Leo Beck of the Reformed Jewish movement at least saw Jesus as a great teacher, not only as another one of many false messiahs. Interestingly the Swedenborgians (including Helen Keller) believe in the Divinity of Christ, but not in the Trinity. I think your audience would have gotten more out of an interview that brought up some of these points. Merry Christmas and continued blessings on your great work of and the Glazov Gang (I still miss those sessions with groups of interviewees where there was some joking around mixed with some of the most serious topics).
    Jeffrey Ludwig, Philosophy Lecturer, City University of New York. Latest book: The Liberty Manifesto, Vol.1.

  2. Hello Doctors Glazov and Dekour,
    I am a long-term follower of Dr Glazov’s work. I appreciate him and his staff. I am also impressed with this particular edition of the Glazov Gang’s work.
    Dr Dekour referred to Christian Churches which teach fundamental and correct Christian principles. This implies that there are churches which do NOT teach correct fundamentals. How may I access a list of those churches which teach correct fundamentals, in your opinion?
    Thank You,
    Garry Oskamp

    1. Hi Mr Oskamp, In my comment above are the names of churches that DO NOT teach the fundamental truths of the nature of Christ. You can also add the Church of Latter Day Saints and the Church of Scientology. Roman Catholic, Orthodox churches, and most Protestant churches accept the doctrines of Christ’s humanity and His divinity. But these doctrinal points are ignored in most churches on a regular basis as Dr.Dalcour noted at the beginning of the interview . As Dr. D. said, in most churches — even if they believe Christ was fully God and fully human — Christmas is the only time it will come up, if then.

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