Glazov Gang: Suppressing Natural Healing in America

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Investigative Reporter Peter Barry Chowka.

Peter discusses Suppressing Natural Healing in America, focusing on: Welcome to Medical Tyranny USA.

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And make sure to watch our special 2-Part Series with Peter where he focuses on Biden’s Covid-19 Con Job and The Real Story of Anthony Fauci.

1. Biden’s Covid-19 Con Job.

2: The Real Story of Anthony Fauci.

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3 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Suppressing Natural Healing in America”

  1. I asked the top epidemiologist at John’s Hopkins Hospital why there had been no Government development of early treatment methodologies for Covid, particularly since certain drugs had shown effectiveness for reducing the severity, including hydroxychloroquin. He admitted he wasn’t sure why there had not been an early symptom strategy except that some of the drugs that have proven successful are quite expensive. One must ask whether application of those drugs ends up being less expensive than sending someone to the hospital for several days. I have already talked to my family physician about treatment options early on if I should get the virus. Any older person (I am 81) would be wise to do likewise to ensure that your doctor is thinking well beyond advising you to take a couple of Tylenol, resting, and hoping it won’t get worse. I have no problem investing $5000 of my own money to live a bit longer. Politics are ruining everything in our society today. I would gladly donate to a nonprofit that was dedicated to financially helping those indigent people who needed early treatment of. Covid but can’t afford it.

    1. Wayne, there are several nonprofit organizations that provide medical care for COVID patients among other needs one of which is Samaritans Purse.

  2. I turned my back on the AMA and allopathic medicine in 1974. I have NOT looked back.

    I have found that Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Homeopathy and Acupuncture are MUCH more effective. They have saved me when the AMA told me that my condition was hopeless.

    It is absolutely necessary that we learn who we are and how our personal body works.

    Surgery may be necessary to correct damage from accidents but Sorcery, Pharmaceuticals can never replace the benefits derived from the herbs given to us for our service.

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