Glazov Gang: General Michael Flynn Tells His Story

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This new Glazov Gang episode features General Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor for President Trump and best-selling author of The Field of Fight.

In this special episode, General Flynn Tells His Story,  sharing his experience, unveiling the threats to America and crystallizing what can be done.

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4 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: General Michael Flynn Tells His Story”

  1. So good to hear from General Flynn. Crazy times. I’m going to do what I can at my local state level. This has been such an accelerated time. I’m not putting up with what is going on!
    Thanks for letting us know we’ve got strong people like you.

  2. Jihadist get fast tracked citizenship, section 8, snap benefits, medicaid in Illinois before Americans.U visa loop hole. Domestic violence shelter loop hole. They can be anonymous in a DV shelter like YWCA in Evanston & get public benefits like an underground railroad for radicalized muslims.

  3. Everything that happens is the result of the failure of the ancients. A whole corruption is installed in the United States long before Obama, I would even say that the red carpet was rolled out for him. Even within Christianity a corruption is installed, going towards socialism. A whole set of things have made what we see possible. Also in the teaching of biblical texts, Torah, Gospels, parables of Jesus. These texts should have been taught from a purely anthropological, sociological and psychological point of view, so that young people grasp their exceptional quality. From a purely human sciences point of view. In colleges, university. This has not been done. It is an absolute scandal I must say. The result of this is a move away from the founding texts, to go towards philosophers and ideologists, basing their theories on much less good interpretations of reality. And that is the whole problem: interpretations of reality, of historical, sociological, religious and economic events. Those who wrote the biblical texts observed the world of reality at length. All the quality of these texts largely comes from there. It is strongly tied to a rigorous observation of reality. This is what had to be explained to young people, and it was not done.

    The result can only be a decline in the world of culture, ideas and thought. And we have been witnessing this decline for around 2 centuries in Europe. Art, poetry, the humanities, all of this must always be linked to rigorous observations of the world of reality. The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is the fruit of an observation. His interpretation of the world of reality which has been rigorously observed. This interpretation is good, because he was an artist who observed the world around him rigorously. The same goes with good poetry. The same is true with the teaching of the humanities. The founding texts must return in this teaching, from a purely anthropological point of view. I see no other way to get a whole part of the youth out of the hands of corrupters.

    I did not speak of the teaching of everything that comes from the school of thought of liberalism, intellectual as well as economic. American foundations are strongly linked to this school of thought.

    The ancients have a very large part of responsibility, in everything that we see. And what you’re talking about in this video.

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