Mike Lindell: FrankSpeech’s Bonus For Those Kicked Off YouTube

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Mike Lindell, the Founder and CEO of MyPillow. Visit him at Lindelltv.com.

In this special episode, Mike Lindell discusses how his new social media site FrankSpeech.com will offer Bonuses For Those Kicked Off YouTube. The MyPillow CEO will make sure that Victims of Cancel Culture Will be Rewarded.

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And make sure to watch Mike Lindell Tells His Story, where he shares his stand for America, for freedom of speech – and for hope.

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5 thoughts on “Mike Lindell: FrankSpeech’s Bonus For Those Kicked Off YouTube”

  1. I think he mite have done better to partner w/mike Adams, who already has something going…Brighteon…

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