Glazov Gang: Calgary Pastor Kicks Police Out of Church

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Pastor Artur Pawlowski of

Pastor Pawlowski discusses how He Kicked the Police Out of His Church on Easter Weekend, revealing his stand-off with the New World Order.

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5 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Calgary Pastor Kicks Police Out of Church”

  1. Pastor Paw rocks…!
    Why is it, that the ones who are forcefully standing up against Totalitarianism, are the ones who have lived under Totalitarianism and have experienced its brutality… are the rest of us destined to repeat this history…?

  2. Best video I’ve seen this year! What a powerful message against today’s pandemic tyranny. Especially that from the perspective of 2 people that know the faces of evils of communism and nazism.
    The pastor meant business in dealing with the authorities and simply would not back down no matter what. What bravery!

  3. I think it’s very nice of Pastor Pawlowski to remind (or inform) people that the first victims of Hitler were Germans. Our politicians and media here in Germany keep telling us that “the” Germans were all for Hitler and stood by him to the very end. It is a means to keep us silent. Anybody who protests against the heavy influx of so-called asylum seekers is considered to be a nazi.
    By the way: There was a secret communique from Himmler to Hitler in which Himmler complained that “in spite of the hard propaganda work the nazis had not succeeded in making large parts of the population “sufficiently” (!!!!!) anti-semitic.

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