Glazov Gang: The Lockdown’s Horrific Treatment of Babies

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This new Glazov Gang episode features features Jennifer Cabrera, the leader of #ForgetYourMask.

Jennifer discusses The Lockdown’s Horrific Treatment of Babies, revealing how newborns are being forced into an emotionless and mask-filled haunted world.

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2 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: The Lockdown’s Horrific Treatment of Babies”

  1. The ALL powerful medical establishment is perjuring themselves, but has a very long history of it, I’ll explain. After WWII, Mothers in hospitals were warned that their breast milk wasn’t sufficient and that breast feeding should be replaced with “COWS” milk. The ENTIRE “Baby Boomer” generation in modern countries, were left alone in hospital bassinettes, with bottles of milk. Milk contains lactaid, when broken down in the human anatomy it becomes SUGAR! So they created generations of SUGAR ADDICTED people including copious amounts of sugar that rots teeth in the form of fructose containing fruit juices in baby bottles, and sadly it’s from the cradle to the grave! So much better than nature or nurture or anything resembling it. This hyper carvid era of masking we can thank the zealot like elitist mentality of MDs & support staff. Now….
    let’s look at the propaganda against vaping and smoking, shall we? Is it really the all powerful nicotine, that the Biden admin, wants reduced in all domestic brands of smokes?This action will increase sales (profits) and will cause smokers to light up 3xs more often to achieve the same satisfaction. First of all and last of all, this early intro into life is again foreshadowed with false fear producing lies about breastmilk and the Boomers denied bonding with their Mothers and not receiving what naturally is the perfect food, instead replaced with SUGAR. Now I ask, why do we have an OBESITY, DIABETES epidemic and people turning 50 yrs. have all diseases related to, too much SUGAR consumption! Been advocating for the truth in nutrition along with nicotine for the better part of 10 years, that I switched after 43 years from smoking to vaping! Thankfully, I breastfed both my Sons and get this, raised by their own Father and Mother, neither of them and they are now adults have ever smoked cigarettes!

  2. I suggest Jamie Glazov and gang do more episodes on this powerful disclosure topic of breaking up human’s first of life need for bonding. The very first thing our instincts have us do is reach that just born baby hand up to Mother’s breast to feed, to thrive and grow correctly. To make an emotional bond.
    Now I see a correlation between the “boomers” the amount of smoking and related diseases. Does smoking mimic the first natural instinct of hand to mouth, that we were so unfairly deprived of??? Nicotine is also in potato, tomato, eggplant and pepper a naturally occurring substance . One more side note in this lengthy retort. Neither of my Sons ever smoked cigarettes, when both parents that raised them, did smoke. Sadly their Father passed away from Emphysema & COPD in June 2016.

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