Glazov Gang: Killing Jews and Double Standards

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This new Glazov Gang episode features features Barry Nussbaum, the son of Auschwitz survivors, the founder of the American Truth Project, and a news commentator on international affairs who has regularly appeared on major television networks. His new book is Because You Asked.

Barry discusses Killing Jews and Double Standards, reflecting on the question: What country in the world would tolerate rockets killing its civilians? 

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And make sure to watch Barry focus on Biden’s Enabling of Hamas’ Terror Against Israel, where he reveals how: Once again, the Left’s hands are drenched in the blood of innocents.

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2 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Killing Jews and Double Standards”

  1. I am convinced that two other things played in the Hamas decision to start bombing Israel besides the judge’s decision on the housing that was removed from Palestinian occupants control because it was illegally taken from Israeli citizens to begin with. First, Hamas has been upset by the fact that some Arab countries have established a relationship with Israel (which made them look bad and took away sympathy for their “cause”) and second, the fact that Biden and his Democrat sympathizers are now in office and will do nothing to stop any such war on Israel or punish Hamas in any way. This President is such a complete idiot; it is hard to imagine why anyone voted for the guy in November. Even the left wing media are struggling to make excuses for Biden and his totally unfit VP Harris. I fear for our country over the next four years. We are going to suffer such deprivation from the decisions of this administration.

  2. Your guest Barry Nussnaum didn’t realize that he gave a poor and false example. Belarus would never fire a missile to Russia. Even if a missile would be fired by accident or a terrorist act, Russia would investigate what happened. Ukraine could be a different story but I believe Russia wouldn’t bomb Kiev without investigation. I agree that International community deprives of self defense because it by large is sympathizing with the Arabs.

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