Glazov: The Left’s Romance With Cuba’s Archipelago

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Editors’ note: As we witness the Cuban people taking to the streets to confront the barbaric communist regime that has tortured them for decades, we witness the leftist Biden administration — and leftist groups such as Black Lives Matter — signal support for Cuba’s Stalinist tyranny and engage in a callous disregard for the Cuban people. It’s no surprise, for instance, that the Biden administration just issued a statement telling Cubans they are not welcome in United States, while illegal aliens are, of course, most welcome.

While the Biden administration clearly turns its back on the Cuban people while they risk their lives for freedom, FrontPage Mag editors have deemed it vital to run an excerpt from Jamie Glazov’s book United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror. The excerpt is the fifth chapter, titled “Castro’s Slave Camp: Affection for New Killing Fields.” It provides a documented — and frightening — history of the Left’s love affair with Castro’s monstrous tyranny. Don’t miss this essay:

To read the essay: CLICK HERE.

One thought on “Glazov: The Left’s Romance With Cuba’s Archipelago”

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    Those who know almost nothing about you, who know absolutely nothing about what you are talking about.

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    Bruce Springsteen – Chimes of Freedom

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