Glazov Gang: Mike Lindell’s $5 Million Challenge

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Mike Lindell, the Founder and CEO of MyPillow. Visit him at

In this special episode, Mike issues his $5 Million Challenge in connection to his upcoming Cyber Symposium on Aug 10-12, 2021 — in which he will reveal the cyber data and the packet captures from the November 2020 election. It will be livestreamed non-stop for 72 hours on

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And make sure to watch Mike Lindell Tells His Story, where he shares his stand for America, for freedom of speech – and for hope:

Follow us on our Rumble Channel – and also on Instagram: @JamieGlazov, Twitter: @JamieGlazov and

5 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Mike Lindell’s $5 Million Challenge”

  1. This is my comment to Telegram posts about CodeMonkeyZ and Mike’s PCAPs of election fraud.

    Just saying, if this is a segway for debunking Lindell’s claims, why not go for the $5M he is offering. I would keep my cyberknowledge to myself, then go for the pot on Aug 11-13. Try to get an invite because symposium itself is not open to public.

    I am going to post this someplace Lindell will see it so he can make sure Ron Watkins, CodeMonkeyZ, gets an invite.

    1. Invite who u want, the evidence cannot be debunked.
      So try, try and try again it will be amusing to watch. 😲😉🤣

  2. The people voted for Trump to serve 4 more years. Not 3.1 years. It’s going to take him 4 years to undo the damage Biden has done in 8 months. What’s the plan if Trump gets reinstated mid term. Does he just lose that portion and then cannot run again?

  3. D. Trump est apparemment en bonne santé. Mais ce n’est que du visuel. Néanmoins, je pense qu’au prochaines élections il faudra lui trouver un vrai remplaçant, de la même trempe que lui. . Pas une saleté à double face. L’Amérique peut redorer son blason avec des équipes de vrais républicains ( es ).

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