Glazov Gang: Laura Loomer Vs. CAIR/Hamas

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Investigative Journalist Laura Loomer. Visit her at

Laura discusses her battle with CAIR/Hamas and the recent troubling developments surrounding her lawsuit against the Muslim “civil rights” organization.

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And make sure to watch Anni Cyrus focus on Biden Begs Taliban for Mercy, where she analyzes When leftists learn how bribing Jihadists doesn’t work.

Follow us on our Rumble Channel – and also on Instagram: @JamieGlazov, Twitter: @JamieGlazov and

2 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Laura Loomer Vs. CAIR/Hamas”

  1. The Lessons of Afghanistan

    As we near the 20th anniversary of 9/11, what are the real lessons of Afghanistan? We certainly cannot look to the media for any guidance. They are too busy promoting the lie that Islam is peachy keen and anyone who says different is a racist. Following the electoral partnership They are also pressuring the government to import thousands of Trojan horses in the form of Afghani translators.

    Some years back when I attended a mosque open house in Northglenn, Colorado an Afghani told me that his motive for coming to the US was, first and foremost to spread Islam. Lest anyone think that his Islam differs qualitatively from that of the Taliban, he made a veiled threat to my family when he deduced that I was an implacable enemy of Islam.

    We lost in Afghanistan because we targeted the symptoms of Islam, rather than the true source of the problem, Islam itself. The sight of our media and leaders declaring the Islam was a religion of peace, and going so far as to enable greater Islamic infiltration and influence ought to have left us with the clear knowledge that if the greatest totalitarian threat we have ever faced is to be defeated we can only depend on ourselves. We need to get serious. To that end, as a co-author I have initiated a free Kindle book giveaway until Thursday for the acclaimed “A Handbook for the Anti-Islamic Resistance.”

    The Islamists are emboldened by the Taliban victory in Afghanistan, The biggest mistake NATO made was to attack the symptoms of the Islamic ideology instead of the root of the problem, Islam itself. As we cannot look to our governments to stop the Islamic invasion, our best hope, perhaps our only hope is a people’s resistance movement, encompassing the techniques and lessons from the French, Italian, Yugoslavian and other people’s resistance movements of WWII. Please get the free Kindle book.

  2. Biden reminds me a bit of Jimmy Carter. Carter was not senile and more intelligent but very naive and after all incompetent. If you shy back from terrorists like Taliban, if you take one step back, they will take one step forward. They don’t even know what compromise means.
    It should be compulsory for politicians to read the koran. Then maybe they would make some realistic and pragmatic politics one day.

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