Glazov Gang: The Heart of Australian Darkness

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Monica Smit, the Managing Director of Reignite Democracy Australia.

Monica unveils The Heart of Australian Darkness, and shares her group’s valiant fight to reignite democracy.

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And make sure to watch Morgan C. Jonas, a leading freedom fighter in Australia who is the host of the, shed a disturbing light on Australia – Prison Island, where he exposes Australia’s nightmarish lockdown.

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7 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: The Heart of Australian Darkness”

  1. Monica Smit is just a fame hungry grifter and does not remotely represent the average Australian. You do realise she is shagging Morgan Jonas yeah?

  2. Monica smit is a top level grifter and scammer, targeting the vulnerable and the violent.
    She represents an extreme minority and most australians have never heard of her.

  3. Monica Smit is an inspiration, a courageous strong woman and a hero.
    She stands up for human rights and advocates for truth for Australian people, no matter what their unique story is. The above comments from others about her are ridiculous and just trying to suppress an empowered human. Most people are in a stupor and oblivious to the totalitarian actions of our states as they comply and donate their freedoms . A few people have the integrity and courage to stand up for human rights against oppression and that’s Monica Smit. I believe in Reignite Democracy Australia and we support the cause and we believe in her!

  4. Monica is now in jail for incitement with the evidence so strong she has no way of contesting. I was disgusted to see this interview and how she twisted the truth and told lies. She has given, as did Morgan Jonas, a completely inaccurate view of our country. She would not sign the bail agreement an even now on her website the complete wrong story has been recorded as to the bail conditions so the people who follow her are still not getting the truth. The damage to our society that this person has perpetrated is incredible. She and Morgan Jonas social disobedience, hatred for the police and governments which they want to bring down, and are largely responsible for the spread of the Delta variant that is happening at the moment. Until now Australia has been the envy of the world and they are trying to make it the laughing stock of the world. It is so sad and it is now a relief that something is being done about these people.

  5. I’m a Victorian and have been so all my life. People are tired. Even people who have been supporting the state government are saying these rules are crazy. Children are distressed. Parents are distressed. Suicides are up. They’re saying that the mental illness helplines are over run with calls. People are starting to ignore the rules. I’m seeing people play on playgrounds and skate parks (also banned) despite the signs they’ve put up. Monica supports freedom of speech. There’s that saying “I disapprove with what you say but I’ll defend till death your right to say”. I believe that very strongly. I have friends who have very different opinions to myself but believe strongly that they have a right to express their opinions. You don’t have to agree with everything Monica says to say her being arrested for “incitement” is wrong. This effects everyone’s freedom of speech in Victoria.
    As for her putting people at risk. I don’t believe we will get to Covid zero through lockdown or Vax (Look at Israel) so we’re going to have to learn to live with it in Australia. Even the governments are starting to admit that. So how is Monica putting people at danger? Delta will spread whether we’re vaccinated or not and we will have to end lockdowns eventually. What do we think we’re achieving?

  6. These people talk about freedom of speech and yet they ban anybody from speaking on their Facebook page if they do not agree with them. They do not allow discussion or differing points of view to be expressed. They do not practice what they preach. What they say in effect also is that there is no democracy anywhere in the world as each country has tackled this covid virus in the same way as Australia has done. It is unbelievable that they can try to destroy our country with these ill informed uneducated views. They also do not keep to truth and their followers blindly believe them. They are causing deaths of people in Australia, almost including a cousin who was extremely ill in ICU but thankfully recovered. It is rare for an unvaccinated person to be in ICU. They do not speak for the majority of Australia’s with 64000 out of over 25 million. They should make their own decisions to do what they like but not try to influence other people to the detriment of the whole of society.

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