Glazov Gang: The Bathroom Harassment of Sen. Sinema

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Fellow at the Freedom Center and editor of The Point at

Daniel focuses on The Bathroom Harassment of Sen. Sinema, revealing how it was funded by old, rich leftist men.

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And make sure to watch our 2-Part Series with Daniel where he discusses Biden’s Red Terror Against the Unvaxxed and Biden’s Calculated Catastrophes:

[1] Biden’s Red Terror Against the Unvaxxed: how America’s Bolshevik Revolution is now targeting the ‘enemies of the people.’

[2] Biden’s Calculated Catastrophes: the Left is weaving its malicious destruction from every angle.

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One thought on “Glazov Gang: The Bathroom Harassment of Sen. Sinema”

  1. I feel frustrated that I live in a state where the leftists are rampant. I hope you will have a guest on soon who can offer any ideas of how we can protect our liberty and our assets from this demonic bunch in Congress and in the Biden administration. Or is our only hope pinned on the 2022 election?

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