Video: Mike Lindell’s Historic Interview With President Donald J. Trump

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In this new video: Mike Lindell achieves an historic interview with President Donald J. Trump, asking the president questions he has never been asked. Don’t miss it!

10 thoughts on “Video: Mike Lindell’s Historic Interview With President Donald J. Trump”

  1. Great interview!!!!! Yes our 2020 election was stolen! All the criminals involved must be held accountable . They must be tried convicted and punished!!!! Treason against our country = The Death Penalty!

  2. Thank you Mike for all you hard work. It means a lot to me. And thanks the my President Trump for giving it. Not sure what I can do to help. But all you have to do is ask if I can be any help you at all.

  3. Trump was the best president ever because he was not a politician and worked for We, the People, and not himself. The dems could not handle him because they are so corrupt and hate America. The Dems/socialist/communists/deep state
    hate America. It is too bad he has been censored by the media, big tech, and he is right that communism/dems are running the show, but that won’t last for long.

  4. I am disappointed that President Trump really didn’t answer the questions that Mike Lindell put to him about his personal strength in view of the adverse situations and evil attacks on him that were associated with the elections (2016 and 2020) and the Capital riot. It is probably a weakness that Trump has in terms of conveying his personal feelings. Mike did a good job in trying to get. to these points and ask for the inner feelings but Trump just wouldn’t say. I think his thoughts may be that any conveyance of personal feelings would be attacked by the media and used against him if he decided to run again. Because of the incredible personal attacks on him, I think Trump learned to steel himself and hunker down. It is so sad that we had a President who endured this kind of vindictiveness based on a job well done for the most part. Thanks for trying Mike.

    1. Actually he did! He kept saying that it was his love for America that helped him continue to go forward. And that he had great support in the White House from those in he brought in – who helped encourage him … and helped encourage each other …

  5. Mike, You are an amazing human being and wonderful Christian believer. Stay strong, courageous and persistent. I ask everyone to stay in prayer for our country and the leaders like Donald Trump and Mike Lindell and many more. Stay in God’s will!!!

  6. Pass this on to Mr. & Mrs. Donald J Trump – Immediately –

    This Election we just had was not about economics or our own personal gains nor about Trump – Though he is Gods Man to be President – IT IS About 2 Areas – They Are …

    #1 Saving & Healing America’s Children! AKA Gods Kids From the sex trade and from Abortion – Away from the bidens administration of killing more of our & Gods Kids every day –

    #2 Americans Individual & Collective Relationship With God by Doing Our Abbas Will Daily By The Way of The Indwelling Holy Presence of God – In & Through Us – Individually – Collectively – So that we Truly be One Nation Under Gods Directive

    Had we been United Individually and Collectively with a Real Relationship with God The Trinity & Seeking & Doing God Our Fathers Will & not our own. Our Children would be safer now! Our America would be in Much Better Hands that have been endowed by God with Great Wisdom –

    Not only would America be in better Hands but Our & Gods Kids would be taken away from the biden administrations present actions that are increasing at this very moment – Which is our & Gods Kids Abortions & entrance into the world wide sex trade

    President & 1st Lady Trump – May Gods Songs Help Increase your commitment to Our/Gods Kids and to your Individual & Collective Walk With Gods Inner Holy Presence with in you.
    So that God can Move Through you so as to show America & this world that God Truely Exist. Is Real! IS! All around us.

    Start by listening together Gods Songs @

    Plus The Rest of Gods Material that is there to Listen too, Read, Study & Contemplate on @

    The Dumb Donkey Speaks Out Home Page + Musings + Teachings + Coming $3 Podcast –


    I Urge & Encourage you Mr & Mrs Donald Trump to Step up your game with your Walk with God –

    So that as Examples of Your Walks – you may lead Americans Individually & United Together as One – To Truely Have Gods Holy Presence In Them + Through Them

    So that in America God Can Truely Move IN & Through Us!

    So that we Truely Become – “One Nation Under Gods Reign” –


    The Dumb Donkey

  7. I tried to see this live, on Frank speech site but it didn’t continue more than a few minutes. This is my second chance to watch

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