Rabbi Weissman Video: ‘How I Was Saved From the COVID Cult’

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Rabbi Chananya Weissman, the author of hundreds of articles and seven books on a wide range of subjects. He is the director and producer of a documentary, Single Jewish Male, and a series of short films. His work can be found at ChananyaWeissman.com and rumble.com/c/c-782463. He can be contacted at endthemadness@gmail.com.

Rabbi Weissman discusses ‘How I Was Saved From the COVID Cult’, sharing Being played for a while . . . before breaking free.

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One thought on “Rabbi Weissman Video: ‘How I Was Saved From the COVID Cult’”

  1. I was candid about my non vaxx status, also my politics, therefore a minority in my faith community. I believed the media about the WuFlu. I was probably slower and lost belief with less logic than Rav W, and gradually less welcome among them. Pushing someone to take the shot doesn’t work. Friends drifted away, but I found people of like mind. We find each other by removing our masks. Rav W. articulates my beliefs very well.

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