Monica Smit Video: Gulag Australia

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Monica Smit, the Managing Director of Reignite Democracy Australia.

Monica unveils Gulag Australia, sharing her valiant fight to save her nation’s democracy.

Don’t miss it!

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[1] Monica Smit: The Heart of Australian Darkness.

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6 thoughts on “Monica Smit Video: Gulag Australia”

  1. My God! I don’t have Children but this is INSANE! I spend a lot of my time telling Children, to take their masks Off- It’s Exhausting but they either Cry or they Listen. What makes me laugh, is that the silly Mothers, don’t Listen!
    Andrews is a NUTJOB- voted in by NUTJOBS!

  2. An amazing interview. Eye opening. It makes me realize it could happen here in the U.S. Too many are willing to give up their freedom in hope of being “saved” from a virus that is killing mostly old people like I am. It is obvious that the vaccines are not working now but we have an administration who is trying desperately to turn the US into another Australia. I fear that the new God is the government as Monica mentioned.

  3. Ummmm.. there were not 700,000 people at that protest…. it was closer to 200,000.

    She’s a flat out liar.

    1. This grifter has scammed innocent, vulnerable and gullible Australian’s out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

      She is inciting people to bring weaponry and gallows to protests. She is telling people to be aggressive and show violence to the government and police.

      She should be imprisoned for terrorism.

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