Interview with Jamie Glazov on ‘Covid Vaccines, Leftist Hate and The Mask’

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Below is an interview that Italian journalist Davide Cavaliere recently conducted with Frontpage editor Jamie Glazov for the Italian journal  Jamie discussed the Covid vaccines, leftist hate, the mask and much more. Don’t miss it!


Introduction: Jamie Glazov is the son of Yuri Glazov and Marina Glazova, two Soviet dissidents of the Brezhnev era. His father was among the signatories of the Letter of the Twelve, which denounced human rights violations in the Soviet Union. Yuri Glazov managed to leave the USSR and reach the United States via Italy. On American soil he taught first at New York University and then at Boston College as a professor of Russian studies.

Jamie Glazov, following in his father’s footsteps, holds a PhD in History with a specialization in Russian, American and Canadian foreign policy. He is the editor of Frontpage Magazine, the online publication created by a true icon of American conservatism, David Horowitz.

Glazov never disappoints. He is a model of an intellectual that we Italians lack. When he targets a progressive idol in his articles, be it Black Lives Matter or Dr. Fauci, all that is left at the end is smoldering rubble.

From the desk of his Web TV talkshow called The Glazov Gang, he launches broadsides against the Left along with his distinguished guests. Jamie Glazov is one of the freest and most abrasive voices on the American political scene.

Holocaust survivor and Italian Senator Liliana Segre called comparing anti-Covid measures to Nazism “crazy.” Do you share the opinion of the Italian senator?

No, I do not share the opinion of the Italian senator. Holocaust survivor Vera Sherav has made sobering comparisons between anti-Covid measures and Nazism – and in so doing she has made the profound statement that “Auschwitz Did Not Begin With Auschwitz.” There is a way that totalitarian movements and regimes build their monstrosities incrementally — step by step. You can watch Ms. Sherav explain this phenomenon on my show, The Glazov Gang, where she discusses Covid Vaccine Mandates & Nazi Tactics. Dr. Naomi Wolf has also written a powerful essay on this issue, which everyone should read: On the Subtlety of Monsters.

There is a reason why Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, an orthodox Jew, has described what the globalist powers are perpetrating at the moment as “Holocaust 2.0”. You can watch him explain this view in his powerful videos. Rabbi Chananya Weissman has also explained the legitimacy of the analogy between anti-Covid measures and Nazism on my program.

None of this minimizes the horrors of the Holocaust, nor of the Gulag or of any genocide; none of it trivializes or downplays the suffering of any people under any genocide. It actually brings a respectful memory to them and what they experienced and why; our hearts and memories are always with them. What it does is casts a light on a piercing and urgent truth: that a certain cabal of totalitarian global monsters are today bringing into formation what they have been architecting and engineering, bit by bit, for decades. They have been devising a terror/tyranny project in stages and they are now unleashing it worldwide.

Once you know what the Left is, and once you understand what the globalists are after, you begin to gauge what the dark aims are of these two forces – that are now tightly allied together.

I outline many of the Left’s malicious and hateful aims – and the genocidal earthly incarnations of those aims – in my books, United in Hate and Jihadist Psychopath.

Anyone with eyes to see – and who is not engaged in willful blindness – can see what is happening today.

The history of the Nazi regime has taught us that doctors can put themselves at the service of extermination. Yet, today, the vision of the doctor as a philanthropist persists. What are the reasons for this persistent positive stereotype?

It is just simple denial. A large number of people have an emotional incapacity in gauging the evil that exists right in front of their eyes. They also can’t admit that they were mistaken about many of the most serious things, and that in being mistaken they also harmed and crippled others – and also very likely caused the deaths of others. Rabbi Chananya Weissman has written on this phenomenon in his profound piece, The Plandemic – And Refusing to Accept Reality.

There are good and bad people everywhere. There are good people who are doctors and there are bad people who are doctors. And when the bad people who are doctors begin to follow the orders of an evil regime, like they did in Nazi Germany, then you know a recipe is being blended for something very diabolical.

Because of many humans’ desperate need for willful blindness, they cannot accept that a certain segment of doctors are taking orders from above and are simply out to harm them, just like they can’t accept that many of their own leaders and governments are out to harm them.

The pandemic has reshaped our societies. In which direction is the democratic West going?

It’s going in the direction of collapse – which is what the Left wants and what it is succeeding in. The Left’s main impulse is malice. It wants to destroy free societies and individualism. Because the Left is in power now in the West, it is taking our civilization toward destruction. Then it will build its brand of utopia on those ashes – just like it did in Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China. We have to always remember the Communist Manifesto quote: “their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions”.

The utopian enterprise to build heaven on earth always ends at one destination: hell on earth.

You are the author of a book entitled United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror, can you tell our readers what it is about?

United in Hate is my book about the Left’s long tradition of flirting with and abetting tyranny and terror. I document leftists’ romance with communist regimes and then show how that romance continued after the Cold War with Islamic Jihad.

Now the Left’s totalitarian odyssey has continued into our plandemic era, where we see leftists’ enchantment with the mask, which is another component of enslavement and dehumanization of humans, and the love of the death shots and lockdowns – which are self-explanatory in what they do to human life and human freedom.

In the end, of course, this death cult always turns on itself. The killing machine turns inward.  Utopian revolutions, including the one in front of us now, always eat their own children. My article, Why a Democrat State Senator Was Beaten by the Black Lives Matter Mob He Supported, gives a brief crystallization of these key themes, revealing why it’s really no mystery why leftists are devoured by the totalitarian entities they worship.

The Left has always wanted to sterilize the “unclean” earth. And, in its diabolical vision, such disinfection can be made possible only by the purifying power of human blood. It’s why Stalinism, Maoism and the Khmer Rouge perpetrated so much genocide. And today that Marxist enterprise has taken on a literal form. Now there is an actual “virus” – not just the virus of “inequality” – that has to be extinguished from the face of the earth. And if every human has to die to achieve that end, then, in the Left’s vision, so be it.

In the end, the believers in this cult are ready and willing to sacrifice themselves on the altar of their utopian ideals. It is a fanatical faith. And so today we see these leftists lining up for their covid shots and boosters, even after so much evidence tells them what these shots in fact are and what they do.

Leftism is a hatred of God’s creation. It is a rebellion against it. It is a hatred of man for who and what he is. David Horowitz has explained this best. Read his book, The End of Time.

And so, therefore, the essence of the Left is, in the end, a death wish. That death wish was perfectly represented by the Khmer Rouge in a previous era.

Today it is represented by the suffocating and dehumanizing mask.

Italy’s Health Minister, Marxist Roberto Speranza, on lockdowns said: “I shut down to impose leftist culture.” How is the Left exploiting the pandemic?

The Left is exploiting the plandemic to do what it always does – and what it is meant to do: to shut down human individuality and human freedom. The goal, with the help of the globalists, is to destroy the United States — and to then set up a globalist network where everyone is controlled and traced. It will be a global “technocracy” with a Chinese-style surveillance system. And we see it happening right in front of our eyes. The covid-vaccine passport is the trojan horse to this agenda.

In Italy, in order to work, it is mandatory to be in possession of a certificate attesting the anti-Covid vaccination. As an American, how do you judge such a measure?

It is a totalitarian enterprise and an assault on humanity.

Last question: what advice would you give to all those who are fighting against anti-Covid measures?

Civil disobedience is a crucial act in the face of a totalitarianism. It is important not to comply with diabolical edicts – not to be a collaborator on any level. Speak the truth – and support the truth-tellers on the frontlines.

And pray to God.

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