Fr. Paul Kramer Video: The Approaching Digitizing of Humans

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Father Paul Kramer, an expert on the Vatican, president of The Fatima Center and author of the new book, On the True and the False Pope, Vol II. Visit him at:

Fr. Kramer discusses The Approaching Digitizing of Humans, explaining How digital money will soon be used to corrupt and enslave the world.

[See Fr. Kramer’s discussion on ‘Pope’ Francis’ Consecration of Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart: HERE].

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2 thoughts on “Fr. Paul Kramer Video: The Approaching Digitizing of Humans”

  1. as a Fr. he is supposed to know the POWER of Prayer. evil may plot but GOD destroys their plans every single time. I’m not worried one little bit about their silly nonsense thinking they going to digitize us. not we who have the Blood of Christ running in OUR veins. and NO another lie is that they can take God out of us. You can’t get rid of God that is an utter impossibility as all “Christians” are supposed to know as. and he needs to remember when plagues and destruction hit the Egyptians the Children of Israel were far away from all the disasters SAFE in the FOOD cities of Goshen. no there are NOT going to be food shortages. again that’s lies of the liberal left. they good at making up stuff to to make those that fall for their b.s. oooh must be scared and panic. NOT

    all red states and yes I’ve checked have constant supplies of goods in their stores. evil stages so many things. you’d think Christians should be on to their nonsense by now and keep their eyes on God. HE SUPPLIES ALL OUR NEEDS BY HIS RICHES IN GLORY what part of “and His seed will never be begging

  2. I have personally known Father Paul Kramer since our years of study in Rome Italy beginning in 1972. We later served as missionaries in the Pilippines. I deeply respect Father Paul for his many intellectual and spiritual gifts which he has humbly devoted to the defense of the true Catholic Faith. Father Paul has an impeccable character and has lovingly and heroically served the Catholic Church. In Gods timing, I believe that Father Kramer will be recognized as a true apostle and devoted Saint in these latter times. Presently may you pray for my soul as I myself am retired in poor health.

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