Fr. Paul Kramer Video: What Happened to Sister Lucia of Fatima?

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Father Paul Kramer, an expert on the Vatican, president of The Fatima Center and author of the new book, On the True and the False Pope, Vol II. Visit him at:

Fr. Kramer discusses What Happened to Sister Lucia of Fatima?,  exploring the question: Was she replaced by an impostor?

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5 thoughts on “Fr. Paul Kramer Video: What Happened to Sister Lucia of Fatima?”

  1. according to the movie she entered a convent, got cancer or something else as deadly and falsely thought God made her sick to honor Him. bullshit. God does NOT make people sick and is NOT the author of sickness. why do people think it’s okay to pray to dead people. they can’t help us whatsoever. that’s worshipping idols. there is one ONE who sits at the right hand of Father God who makes intercession for us and that is JESUS.

    1. Nothing but false narratives and incorrect information from Sheila Sure, and she could not even stay on topic with the show. She disregarded the content of the show to make her own self serving points based on misunderstandings and ignorance of the Catholic faith. Her use of foul language is also sinful.

    2. The question I would like Miss sure to ask herself is why does she believe that people are dead in Jesus Christ? If your body dies your soul lives in Jesus Christ. If you’re saved isn’t that what salvation is – life? Salvation obviously means life. If the prayers of the righteous availeth much as the Bible says then the prayers of those saints who are alive in Christ matter much. Saints literally means holy that is what saint means it means holy.

  2. I am disappointed that Fr. Kramer misrepresented events in Ukraine and Georgia. He has taken the Russian propaganda at face value. Many people are confused by those in the West who secretly support Putin while pretending to support Ukraine. Marxists practice deception, and always have. Spiritual discernment is all. Freemasonry was infiltrated by the KGB after 1945, when the Red Army captured Himmler’s archive on Masonry in Vienna.

  3. @Jeff Nyquist so sad you have believed the commie/nazi line. Putin is the righteous man here. He blew up the bio labs and have now rescued hundreds of children from being sold as sex slaved.

    this is the backlash of the foul illegal Absalom Biden who stole America’s elections and the biolabs Gates and Foulci set up in Ukraine and set up a clown nazi puppet over there and they sent drones into Russian spraying them with the poison pathogen. the same crap they are trying to make us take in their death shots.

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