Glazov Gang: The Devil’s War on Russia?

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This new episode of The Glazov Gang features John O’Neill and Sarah C. Wynne, the authors of their new book, The Dancer and the Devil: Stalin, Pavlova, and the Road to the Great Pandemic.

John and Sarah discuss The Devil’s War on Russia?, reflecting on: Is there a spiritual battle being fought right before our eyes?

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[Watch whole episode with John and Sarah: HERE].

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2 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: The Devil’s War on Russia?”

  1. Hi folks

    Can you ask Jamie if he has seen the series of documentaries by Janet Ossebaard regarding the cabal. I think the documentaries go very well into describing who these people are that hate Russia and why.

    It is a fascinating documentary, please ask him to take a look.

    Link to the first one below (22 parts)

    THE SEQUEL TO THE FALL OF THE CABAL – PART 1, The Birth of the Cabal

    There is another series too but the second one (the sequel) shows where they originated from.

  2. Jamie

    In considering this question consider the question of the Devil wars against oneself. Is it not the case that he or his minions wage spiritual warfare against any human by a process of playing upon our fears, anxieties and trauma, fanning the flame of resentment and hurt so as to provoke us into acting from those fears rather than from Love and thereby bring us into wrong action AKA as sin, and then having succeeded in tempting us they then make us feel guilt and condemn us to break our spirit and trust in God’s mercy? Consider if you care searching Y/T and Google for “Extending Russia” “RAND” “2019” wherein you will see RAND spokesmen describing how the US military asked them to bring forward a strategy whereby they could impose costs on Russia. You will see RAND describe a strategy named “Extending Russia” to play upon the anxieties and fears of Russia and of the leadership so as to goad them into extending themselves thereby exposing their vulnerabilities to informational and economic warfare so as to discredit Russia and justify sanctions against its primary source of funding. Is this not the diabolical strategy which the Devil applies to individuals? Moreover you will hear the principal RAND spokesman describe how the theatre where this works best is where the US is not so committed as Russia and thus the US efforts can be leveraged. The very first geopoltical area they mention is Ukraine and the means suggested to stress Russia is to supply armaments to Ukraine, so as to goad Russia into action upon which condemnation can be applied. So the theory was for a lesser cost (of some USD Billions) a far greater cost would be imposed upon Russia. The strategy just completely ignores costs that will and have befallen Ukraine. Indeed the Devil is warring against Russia, but also by putting the US to play such a demonic role the Devil is warring against the US too, setting the US against Russia with Ukraine the bear bait.

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