Glazov Gang: America’s Chinese Social Credit System

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Patrick Wood, the Editor-in-Chief of and the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation.

Patrick discusses America’s Chinese Social Credit System, unveiling What the global digital ID – and skyrocketing mass surveillance – means for Americans’ freedom.

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[1] Patrick Wood: The Globalists’ Take-down of Humanity Via Technocracy – A harrowing glimpse at the global elitists’ plan to rip the world apart and rule it. 

[2] Leo Hohmann: Time to Start Microchipping Humans? — The globalists’ transhumanist agenda is moving ferociously forward.

[3] Leo Hohmann: Globalists Openly Boast about their Plans to Make Human Hybrids and to Link Them to the Artificial Intelligence Matrix. — It’s all connected to the cell phone inside your body.

[4] Father Paul Kramer: The Approaching Digitizing of Humans – How digital money will soon be used to corrupt and enslave the world.

[5] Leo Hohmann: Human Hybrids Linked to the Artificial Intelligence Matrix. The globalists’ war on human free has reached a new – and harrowing – stage.  

[6] Leo Hohmann: Fourth Reich Rising – The global digital ID money system is on the horizon. Will you enter its matrix?

[7] Leo Hohmann: Breaking the U.S. Supply Chain? Are food shortages – and an economic collapse – on the horizon?

[8] Leo Hohmann: Merging Human Biological and ’Digital’ Identities. When Klaus Schwab tells you about the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” take him at his word.

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