Glazov Gang: Innocent Suffering and the Existence of a Loving God

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Prof. Eliyahu Rips, an Israeli mathematician who is an expert on Bible Code – the coded messaging in the Hebrew text of the Torah.

Prof. Rips reflects on Innocent Suffering and the Existence of a Loving God, grappling with one of humanity’s toughest questions.

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And make sure to watch Prof. Rips share his knowledge on Bible Code and discuss many connected theological issues:

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One thought on “Glazov Gang: Innocent Suffering and the Existence of a Loving God”

  1. God put us in the world for a purpose. That exact purpose has not been revealed to us. We know that he cares for us according to some of the words of Jesus. I believe that one of His principal purposes was to give us a chance to advance in knowledge and wisdom and to experience the joy of life but with the realization that we cannot do that without God’s help. Unfortunately we have often rejected God and thus suffering has not been mitigated to the extent that it should have through the centuries. Much of today’s suffering is created by the choice of humanity despite our gains in knowledge that have allowed us to reduce suffering from starvation and disease. Some suffering will always be there because of the fragility of the human body. Until we (all of us)recognize our dependence on God and the need to follow his will, then suffering will not abate. At this point in time it seems that more of humanity is rejecting God. Thus, the outlook for future suffering is not good. I wish it weren’t so.

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