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And make sure to watch our recent special episode featuring Trevor Loudon, a public speaker, political activist and author of new book, Security Risk Senators. Visit him at

Trevor discusses Security Risk Senators, exploring the vital question: How many U.S. Senators are compromised – and working with America’s enemies?

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One thought on “Help Keep The Glazov Gang Alive!”

  1. When are you going to get after the Critical Race Theory people? I have written “Critical Race Theory and the Zeus Factor.” It is unadulterated fiction full of surahs and ridicule. I will send you a copy or you can glance at Twitter. I am retiring and getting ready to dump everything. Twitter will give you some idea of what I have been up to. Take a look at DenisSchulz@Denisschulz12. It is the haunt of Ka’b bin al-Ashrab and Asma bint Marwan.

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