Glazov Gang: When Was Obama’s ‘Conversion Moment’?

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This new episode of The Glazov Gang features Trevor Loudon, a public speaker, political activist and author of new book, Security Risk Senators. Visit him at

Trevor discusses When Was Obama’s ‘Conversion Moment’?, analyzing The eerie and taboo questions that aren’t allowed to be asked.

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And make sure to watch Jamie focus on The Obama Movie That Can Never Be, where he unveils the creepy issues that can’t be discussed about the worst ex-president’s religious journey.

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3 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: When Was Obama’s ‘Conversion Moment’?”

  1. Dear Jamie, I think your request from Obama is completely apologetic. There are no questions that must be avoided. But there are people who can’t be asked the most basic of questions: Who are you and what do you believe?

    One more thing: We must drop this pretense of the media as the Fourth Estate and reporters who are “fighting to battle for truth, justice and the American way.” The media is a big business, and its owners want to make lots of money and gain influence so they can make lots more money. Any connection between truth and media is purely coincidental.

  2. Hi Jamie, every now and then I get a chance to watch your videos and I always think they’re great and indeed I would have commented this when I first ran into you guys back 14 years ago how time flies. You’re talking about a soulless man about about himself. And he does lie interface he lies continuously it was great you brought him back up because I keep saying to everyone the problems start really start bad when he got into the White House which should have never happened. You have a great guest there Trevor London. I remember saying to you that the rabbit who was very deep it sure was

  3. Great post, great questions;
    Barack Hussein Obama: the ultimate totalitarian-wolf, in democratic-sheep’s clothing…

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