Glazov Gang: The Vax, Mask & Leftist Excommunication

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Dr. Paul Kengor, a Professor of Political Science at Grove City College and author of The Devil and Karl Marx. He is the co-author (with Mary Nicholas) of the new book, The Devil and Bella Dodd: One Woman’s Struggle Against Communism and Her Redemption. Visit him at

Dr. Kengor discusses Getting the Vax, Wearing the Mask – Out of Terror of Losing “Progressive Acceptance, analyzing The Covidian cult’s threat of excommunication for violating the Party Line.

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[2] Marc Morano: The Globalists’ War on Human Fertility. – Why exactly did Bill Gates call the Covid Vaccine the “Final Solution”?

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[5] Leo Hohmann: ‘SMART Cities’ Converting into Concentration Camps.

[6] Naomi Wolf: The Vax’s War on Human Intimacy and Survival – The injection’s assault on human love.

[7] Dr. Naomi Wolf: The Vax’s Crippling of Human Sexual Organs – How medical experts are exposing the globalists’ vicious assault on human reproduction.

[8] Patrick Wood: The Globalists’ Take-down of Humanity Via Technocracy – A harrowing glimpse at the global elitists’ plan to rip the world apart and rule it. 

[9] Dr. Vladimir Zelenko: The Globalists’ Transhumanist Agenda.

[10] Dr. Carrie Madej: Horror – Covid ‘Vaccine’ Vials Under the Microscope.

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