Glazov Gang: Trans Ideology & Munchausen-by-Proxy Syndrome

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This new Glazov Gang episode is hosted by Anni Cyrus and features Chris Elston, an activist known as Billboard Chris who is taking a stand against gender ideology and its vicious abuse and maiming of children.

Chris discusses Trans Ideology & Munchausen-by-Proxy Syndrome, exposing how Leftist child-sacrifice continues by other means. 

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And make sure to watch our 3-Part Special with Anni Cyrus and her guests David Sumrall and Billboard Chris. They discuss: Gender Ideology and Its Vicious Abuse and Maiming of Children and J6 and Editing Manipulation.

[1] Billboard Chris: Gender Ideology and Its Vicious Abuse and Maiming of Children.

[2] David Sumrall: J6 and Editing Manipulation: There’s a reason many people thought there was an “insurrection”.

[3] David Sumrall: American Gulag Chronicles – J6 Letter From Prison: Deceit, lies and videotape.

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