Glazov Gang: Cutting Off Children’s Breasts and Penises

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This new Glazov Gang episode is hosted by Anni Cyrus and features Chris Elston, an activist known as Billboard Chris who is taking a stand against gender ideology and its vicious abuse and maiming of children.

Billboard Chris discusses Cutting Off Children’s Breasts and Penises, reflecting on The New and Improved Bolshevik Revolution.

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And make sure to watch our 2-Part Special with Anni Cyrus and Billboard Chris where they discuss Gender Ideology and Its Vicious Abuse and Maiming of Children and Trans Ideology & Munchausen-by-Proxy Syndrome – How Leftist child-sacrifice continues by other means. 

1: Trans Ideology & Munchausen-by-Proxy Syndrome – How Leftist child-sacrifice continues by other means.

2: Gender Ideology and Its Vicious Abuse and Maiming of Children.

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7 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Cutting Off Children’s Breasts and Penises”

    1. It would do well to inquire into a human being’s personal circumstances, their life story …. perhaps some tragedies that may have occurred ….. perhaps some health issues that may be a significant factor …. before telling someone, that you don’t personally know, and that you know nothing about, what to do with their lives on such a sacred and sensitive and complicated matter.

      1. Hey Jamie. What kind of life story would a 16-year-old have to have or even a 17 year old for that matter, in order to justify these kind of surgeries? A response like yours can only come from a woke leftist, I wanna be paedophile!

        1. Hey Scott, maybe pay attention – I am responding to a pathological criticism of the host of my show by a “viewer” … a stranger is attacking her for not being married and not having children – and demanding that she start having children – while knowing nothing about her. Think a little. Watch the shows carefully and read the comments carefully.

      2. I’ve gathered from my reading, that “Gender Dysphoria”, like autism and allergies, is a form of vaccine damage.

  1. Those parents who push their children into this transgender “stuff”, are attempting to live vicariously through their children. We should therefore be focussing on their (i.e. parental/care-takers) emotional/psychological pathology which results in them in essence destroying innocent young people. Not infrequently these young children/ even young adults, experience a change of heart and continue thereafter to live with considerable regret and torment resulting in various undesirable outcomes.
    Let us then focus on “dealing” with such sick, irresponsible, egotistical adults who need treatment and NO air-time.

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