Glazov Gang: “My Book ‘Stealth Invasion’ Has Been Banned by Amazon”

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Leo Hohmann, a veteran investigative reporter and author whose book Stealth Invasion is now banned by Amazon. Order it at Visit Leo at

Leo discusses “My Book ‘Stealth Invasion’ Has Been Banned by Amazon,” revealing how his book has run into a problem with Amazon’s KGB Dept. 

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One thought on “Glazov Gang: “My Book ‘Stealth Invasion’ Has Been Banned by Amazon””

  1. There is a chapter on Phil Haney in “Dying for the Truth: Investigative Reporters and Whistleblowers Who Died for Your Right to Know and the Stories They Wanted You to Know.”

    In all likelihood Phil was the victim of an involuntary assisted suicide, as were Danny Casolaro, Dorothy Kilgallen, Gary Webb and many others. In the case of Gary Webb the coroner ruled that he had shot himself in the head, TWICE. No doubt the coroners in all these cases worried that had they not gone along with the suicide falsehood they would be the next “suicide.”

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