Glazov Gang: Vaccines – Disrupting Our Communication With Our Creator?

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Larry Cook, a leading natural health activist and truth-teller about vaccines and the globalist agenda. He is the author of The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Living. Visit him on Twitter at: @stopvaccinating.

Larry discusses Vaccines – Disrupting Our Communication With Our Creator?, unveiling The spiritual war right in front of our eyes.

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[1] Larry Cook: Vaccines – and Injuries, Deaths and Death Threats. A house of horrors exposed.

[2] Jeff Crouere: The Cattle Mutilations Mystery – a sobering glimpse into a haunting phenomenon.

[3] Dr. Paul Cottrell: ‘Sleeper Cells’ Make Their Move On America’s Infrastructure.

[4] Dr. Paul Cottrell: The Bioweapon Cocktail in the Freezer – The nightmare on the horizon.

[5] Dr. Paul Cottrell: Bioweapons Programs and Airborne HIV – The globalist-made horror in the recipe jar.

[6] Leo Hohmann: Scientists Create Mice With ‘Two Dads’What could possibly go wrong?

[7] Dr. Naomi Wolf:  Covid Vax & Sexual Intercourse: The horror that Pfizer knew – and tried to hide.

[8] Dr. Naomi Wolf: Covid Vax & Personality Effect – “The light has gone out of their eyes.” 

[9] Dr. Vladimir Zelenko: The Globalists’ Transhumanist Agenda.

[10] Dr. Carrie Madej: Horror – Covid ‘Vaccine’ Vials Under the Microscope.

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