Glazov Gang: Illarionov on ‘A CIA Director’s Haunting Visit to Moscow’

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This new episode of The Glazov Gang features Dr. Andrei Illarionov, a former senior policy advisor to Vladimir Putin and now a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy.

Dr. Illarionov discusses A CIA Director’s Haunting Visit to Moscow, exposing How the Biden administration propelled Putin’s war against Ukraine.

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[1] The American Who Changed Putin’s Mind About NATO and Ukraine. The dark agenda of a U.S. official now serving in the Biden administration.

[2] Dr. Andrei Illarionov: How Biden is Enabling Putin’s War Against Ukraine – Biden’s morbid double game.

[3] Dr. Andrei Illarionov: Inside the Mind of Putin – The plans and psychology of a ruthless tyrant.

[4] J.R. Nyquist: Would Putin Push the Button? When a dictator is a clown – and also a degenerate. 

[5] Mutiny in Russia: The Inside Story – Rebellion, treason or theater?

[6] Obama: Groomed by KGB? The curious – and taboo – Tom Fife story.

[7] The Devil and Karl Marx – The hellish vapors that spawn mass murder.

[8] The Devil’s War on Russia? – Is there a spiritual battle being fought right before our eyes?

[9] Father Paul Kramer: ‘Pope’ Francis’ Consecration of Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

[10] Father Paul Kramer: What Happened to Sister Lucia of Fatima? – Was she replaced by an impostor?

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