Islam’s Rape of Sweden — on The Glazov Gang

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With Europe being overrun today with Muslim refugees, and the rape of European women by the male migrants becoming a widespread phenomenon, the Glazov Gang is running it special episode joined by Ingrid Carlqvist, the Editor-in-Chief of

Ingrid discussed Islam’s Rape of Sweden, unveiling the Muslim terror that is maiming her country:

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And make sure to watch the new  edition of The Unknown, in which Anni Cyrus casts a disturbing light on Islam’s Rape Game in Europe, giving the deniers their first clue.

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One thought on “Islam’s Rape of Sweden — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. Thumbs up…again! I would like to see interviews from CITIZENS of other countries in Europe being damaged and the ones erecting countermeasures to the Globalist and Islamo-Nazi invasion.

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