“Counter Jihad Coalition” Takes to the Streets to Warn People About Islam

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samThis article is written by Ann-Marie Murrell and reprinted from PolitiChicks.TV.

Visit The Counter Jihad Coalition here and contact them at: CounterJihadCoalition@gmail.com.

While Islam is waging a bloody battle across the entire world, instead of calling out their atrocities most of the media chooses to punish the people trying to warn the world about Islam. Freedom Fighters like Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Frank Gaffney, and Brigitte Gabriel are continuously denigrated for simply telling the truth.

Regardless of 9/11/01 and 9/11/12, and despite the fact that Americans are being beheaded by ISIS, if you dare suggest that the Islamic State is getting their killing orders directly from the Quran you are called ‘intolerant’ and ‘Islamophobic’. Meanwhile, ISIS is becoming more and more popular on social media and posters saying ‘ISIS is Here’ were seen in the original Ferguson riots.

So if no one is allowed to warn people about the violence of Islam, how will we be prepared when they try to accomplish their goal of taking over America? You take it to the streets–and that is exactly what a group called the Counter Jihad Coalition is doing, evangelizing at a popular outdoor mall known as the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California.

According to Samira Tamir of the LA chapter of ACT for America, the Promenade has become a very popular shopping area for Muslims in the area with bearded men and women wearing full hijabs–so each weekend, the CJC sets up a table with pamphlets and they tell people about Islam using direct quotes from the Quran.


Of course, their presence isn’t welcome with many 3rd Street Muslims.

Dr. Jamie Glazov, who spends many weekends at the Promenade, has been instrumental in bringing attention to the Counter Jihad Coalition’s work. This episode of The Glazov Gang below features Louis Lionheart of TruthDefenders.com, who works alongside the CJC on 3rd to tell the truth about Islam. As can be seen in the video, he was physically attacked by a Muslim woman at the Promenade after telling a crowd about the true nature of Mohammed’s marriage to 9-year-old Aisha:

In the Glazov Gang episode below, CJC President Steve Amundson talks to Jamie about why he began his public outreach teaching people about Sharia and more:

In this Glazov Gang episode below, guest-host Nonie Darwish talks to Samira Tamer, L.A. ACT Chapter Leader, about the Islamic Supremacism’s totalitarian presence on the streets of L.A.:

And in this video, Dr. Jamie Glazov is seen quoting directly from the Quran to Muslims who still challenge the “context” of Mohammed’s violent words:

To learn more about the Counter Jihad Coalition’s work, visit their Facebook Page. And you can watch episodes of the weekly webTV show The Glazov Gang at JamieGlazov.com.

And in case you missed it, here is my interview with Dr. Glazov after he appeared on a fiery episode of the Sean Hannity Show:

See Marc Langsam’s photo album of the Counter Jihad Coalition in action on 3rd St. here.


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4 thoughts on ““Counter Jihad Coalition” Takes to the Streets to Warn People About Islam”

  1. To all those people living in the Land of Oz .
    We are in a World wide Islamic Cultural War or 1400-year-old Jihad.
    We each see a different parts of it in the world and if you put all the violent parts together it adds up to only one cause: a 1400 year old Islamic Cultural War. It is the same as that joke of four blind men touching the elephant.

The names of the Arabs and Muslim Terrorists change but the behavior has been always the same for the last 1400 years.

    It is not about land, rights or settlements, water or being politically left or right. If it were it would have been solved long ago. It has not.

    It is Cultural War that means Islamic Culture must destroy Western Culture or Western Culture must destroy Islamic Culture. It is a Cultural Genocidal War, just like the American/Indian wars were about. This time we are the Indians.

    Muslims have been fighting each other and others for 1400 years or more. There is no reason that it will stop now. If we want peace we must change Islamic Culture.

    The book “Culture and Conflict”, explains it clearly. It shows that current cultural conditions in the Arab Middle East will not support internal development, advancement or peace until there is a major cultural change. “It is critical that we understand our enemy. That is step one in every conflict,” RR. Philip Carl Salzman, INSB # 978-1-59102-587-0.

  2. Many Americans are Blind, Deaf and Dumb
    We are in an Islamic Cultural War. That has no Borders
    Islamic Culture must destroy Western Culture OR
    Western Culture must destroy Islamic Culture.
    Stealth Jihad will destroy America!
    It is a Genocidal War.
    Islamic Culture = Evil: Western Culture = Civilization
    Choose Freedom or Slavery
    This is a battle between Light and Darkness or Good and Evil or Knowledge and Slavery
    Decided which side you are on?

  3. Islam is Evil. What part of Evil do you not understand? Islam enslaves your minds, your bodies and your souls. It must be destroyed. Islamic Culture is a Slave, Hate, Violent and War Culture.

    Islamic Culture is reverse of Western Culture. The normal people are the Extremists and the Violent people are the normal or the majority.

  4. Islamic Culture is a Slave Culture
    Many Muslims see us as Keffers and Dimmi’s and Blacks as slaves. Keffers sub human for Christians and Dimmi’s sub human for Jews, Black translates into Arabic as Slave. Women have no classification, they are just things in Islamic culture, lower then slaves. Talking to them as a civilized person is like a slave talking to a Master.

    In the book: “The Third Choice” by Mark Durie: One choice become Islamic, second choice a slave, third death. Add one choice if you act now, Freedom.

    Michael Coren & Gavin Boby on Muslim rape gangs in England

    20 Idiots Guide to Islam- Islam and Slavery – Part 20 (140 million African black Slaves die under enslavement to Islam.

    5 Idiots Guide to Islam- Women in Islam – Part 5

    Torture of Christian kids to become MUSLIMS

    Islam: 270 Million Bodies in 1400 Years – What Every Kafir Must Know!

    This vid consolidates the points in Frontpage’s interview with Bill Warner “Islam: 270 Million Bodies in 1400 Years”. May every kaffir wake up and smell the c…



    If you don’t believe me go your you nearest Arab town or city, go to the market of local coffee house and there you will be able to sell your wife or daughter and you might be able to pay off your mortgage.

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