Sweet Little Nun Has EXPLOSIVE Message On Islam For Obama And The Left

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kjThis article is written by Dom the Conservative.

Sister Hatune Dogan might seem like your sweet, quiet, little nun at first glance, but she packs dynamite under her habit like that of a righteously indignant crusader dedicated to rescuing the innocent from slaughter.

She has traveled the globe, pleading with governments to allow her to speak on the atrocities she’s witnessed under ISIS. But instead of excusing that the terror group is not following true Islam, she has a message for the armchair activists, whose main focus is to defend so-called moderate Islam.

“ISIS is not fanatic. ISIS is not more terrible. ISIS is real Muslim believers who like to follow the Quran and Muhammad.”

Although liberal apologists ignorantly claim that the Islam ISIS is following is not true Islam, Sister Hatune knows better. She explains how living under Sharia law in Turkey, a nation Obama called our “critical ally,” is the same governance that ISIS follows — fundamental Islam.

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3 thoughts on “Sweet Little Nun Has EXPLOSIVE Message On Islam For Obama And The Left”

  1. This message is the one that we in the free world must be insisting on. Sister Hatune is perfectly correct–the intellectual authors of the atrocities of iSIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, the Philippine Revolutionary Army, etc., are Mohamed and his spirit guide, Gilbral. To deny this is a destructive deception

  2. Amazing how anyone can deny the evil of Islam.

    If you were a religious person you could say its seems very demonic that we choose to ignore it.

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