Muslim Activist Isa Hodge vs. Ex-Imam Mark Christian on Jihad in Chattanooga — on The Glazov Gang

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On this special edition of The Glazov Gang, Muslim American Activist Isa Hodge went toe-to-toe with Dr. Mark Christian,  a former Islamic Imam who converted to Christianity, an act for which he now lives under the perpetual threat of death.

They debated the causes of the Jihadist attack in Chattanooga, what needs to be done to protect American lives from Jihad, why each of them left their religions, and much, much more.

Don’t miss the fireworks!

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6 thoughts on “Muslim Activist Isa Hodge vs. Ex-Imam Mark Christian on Jihad in Chattanooga — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. Imam Mark Christian is a great man he understand why he converted to Christianity.
    The American Isa who converted to Islam, is same as all people of the west who converted to Islam. No one of them known what is the true of Islam.
    If they know 1% about Islam they will never converte to Islam.
    Millions of Muslims who speak, read, write Arabic language, converted to Christianity from middle east and Africa according to El Jazeera net work by Arabic language.

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