Video: Jamie Glazov’s Showdown With Jihad-Deniers on Hannity

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In today’s special issue, we are running Ann-Marie Murrell’s interview with Jamie Glazov, in which the host of The Glazov Gang  discussed his showdown on Hannity against the Unholy Alliance. The clips of the fireworks are shown during the interview.

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And make sure to watch Josh Brewster’s 2-part interview with Jamie Glazov about The True Roots of Jihad Denial, in which Jamie issued a dire warning about the hazardous cost of denying the real enemy the West faces:

Part I:

Part II:

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8 thoughts on “Video: Jamie Glazov’s Showdown With Jihad-Deniers on Hannity”

  1. Jamie you are so right when you say the left should be ashamed of themselves. How they manage to perpetuate their selective blindness and indignation in the face of the gross crimes being committed in the name of jihad as they speak , is unbelievable , it is unconscionable.
    Added to this is the Obama administration’s embracing of the radicals in the white house!
    Those left idiot leftists being “uncomfortable” with the discussion on islam are the shallowest most callow people ever and they live in denial , perhaps too pig headed to ever change course despite the abundance of evidence for your assertion that the problem we face is inherent in islam.

  2. Hello Jamie:

    I continue my study of the Qu’ran, the Hadith, etc and I follow you, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and other anti-jihadis. Based on my reading of the Islamic sources, I am in complete agreement with all of you – up to a point. However, I have a few questions.

    First, why do you continue to debate with Muslims when they begin with a dualistic system of logic which enables them to told two completely contradictory ideas in their heads at the same time apparently unable to see the difference? In addition, I have watched many of these “debates” and with only a few notorious exceptions, such as Anjem Choudary etc. Muslims never answer a direct question about Islam. Moreover, they generally end up in a shouting match and name-calling.

    Secondly, I do not understand how you can separate a Muslim from Islam. Presumably every person who professes Islam must believe that every word in the Qu’ran is the in-create, eternally valid word of Allah. It does not matter, therefore, whether you distinguish good, bad, or indifferent Muslims one from another. Again, based on my reading of the Islamic texts and observation of Muslim behaviour a “good” Muslim is a Jihadi for Islamic State because he or she is performing the will of Allah and following the example of their beloved prophet Muhammad. A “bad ” Muslim is the kindly, law-abiding next door neighbour who wouldn’t hurt a fly,never mind cut somebody’s head off -at least not right away- but who is not at the moment doing much to further the will of Allah

    Under the circumstance wouldn’t it make more sense to be auspicious of all Muslims? The only difference is that the “good” Muslim wants to cut your head off right now, the “bad” Muslim is content to wait a little longer to cut your head off.
    Jamie, please tell me again why you “love” Muslims.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. I’ve spoken to many Muslims, both male and female, and its surprising how little some actually know about their own faith and the violent beginnings it sprang from. Women for the main I’ve found to be most “ignorant”. I believe being born into this ideology sometimes people take for granted what they’re being told and don’t question the teachings they’re being told. For instance women being forced to wear the Burka in Islamic countries when there is infact no mention of it in the Quran or Hadiths. Not all Muslims are Jihad-waging-maniacs, some a just guilty of being born into an ideology.

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