Jamie Glazov Moment – How Leftists Hate Muslims

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses “How Leftists Hate Muslims,” building on the first and second episodes titled: “Why I Love Muslims.”

In this segment, he wonders where all the leftists are helping oppressed Muslim women under Islamic gender apartheid.

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And make sure to watch the BLOCKBUSTER Glazov Gang  Debate that was joined by Anjem Choudary, a London Imam, Robert Spencer, the Director of JihadWatch.org, and Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, the Founder and President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

The three guests came on the show to discuss “Jihad in Chattanooga.”

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4 thoughts on “Jamie Glazov Moment – How Leftists Hate Muslims”

  1. Dear Jamie:

    I was surprised and pleased to receive a reply from you about my experience with Muslims in a British university. I listened with interest to your recently posted video and I have another anecdote from my past which explains why I do not trust any person who claims to be a Muslim regardless of their external appearance. This too involves my Muslim “friend,” Abdullah (not his real name_

    I lived in the same university residence as Abdullah. As I mentioned previously, we studied the Qur’an together and discussed religion, in particular Islam, all in a spirit of academic impartiality and friendship – or so I thought. The house-keeper in the residence had heard about our discussions on Islam, and one day she asked me if she could listen in on one of our discussions. So, on one occasion when the three of us were in the kitchen together, I initiated a discussion about the nature of God and Allah. Abdullah of course criticized infidels for our anthropomorphic concept of God. So I asked him: “Is Allah omniscient?” “”Yes,” he replied. “Does that mean that Allah sees everything?’ “Yes, of course.” “And does Allah hear everything?” “Yes to that as well.” And so on… Finally I said “It sounds to me that you have made Allah into a person who sees, hears, etc. So what is the difference between the Muslim concept of Allah and the Christian concept of God? At that point the house-keeper left the room, so I stopped talking but Abdullah continued arguing the point. Then I said “We can stop now, she’s gone.” What do you mean, she’s gone?” Well, she wanted to hear one of our discussions about Islam, so we were obliging her.” This perfectly bi-lingual, immaculately-dressed, highly educated Arab grabbed a knife off the kitchen table and proceeded to chase me around the room. Obviously I escaped but I never tried that again.

    The moral of the story is perfectly clear. I was engaging in an academic type debate, Abdullah was speaking as a devout Muslim. And that is why, Jamie, I do not trust any person who claims to be a Muslim.

    Best wishes. Keep up the good work as always.


  2. Thank you for this Jamie.

    I have had much the same experience with people to whom you refer as the left. In my case, they are members of my own family who have let themselves be brainwashed into thinking that Islam is a religion of peace.

    My efforts to explain to them just how awful it is for some Muslim women in the Greater Toronto Area resulted in their declaring me racist, a label that itself identifies the accusers as ignorant. The facts were in two books that I had bought at a conference at which each of the Muslim women authors had made heart-breaking presentations. I had bought extra copies of the books and offered them to family members at a family gathering the evening of the conference. They refused my offer and walked away from me. They do not want to know. And that is another heartbreak.

    It is, however, strangely consoling that I am not the only one who has been ridiculed, labelled and marginalized because of efforts to engender support for women suffering in our midst.

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