The Unknown: My Nightmare as an 11-Year-Old Girl in an Iranian Prison

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The Glazov Gang is proud and excited to run the second episode of its new feature: The Unknown. The producer of the Gang, Anni Cyrus, has now entered the stage. (The first episode, The Day I Was Called a Woman by Islam, can be seen HERE.)

Below is the new edition, My Nightmare as an 11-Year-Old Girl in an Iranian Prison, in which Anni shares the terror she experienced — and witnessed — as a child behind the Islamic Curtain.

And make sure to watch the special edition of The Glazov Gang hosted by Ari David, the host of the Ari David Show Podcast, and joined by Raymond Ibrahim, Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Raymond came on the show to discuss Do Islam and Nazi Germany Have Something in Common?, unveiling the similarities between  two totalitarian ideologies.

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2 thoughts on “The Unknown: My Nightmare as an 11-Year-Old Girl in an Iranian Prison”

  1. Anni, I am favorably impressed by your genuine delivery of your experience as an 11-year-old forced to witness adult suicide gestures while you were held in a prison for doing what is normal for 11-year-old girls in the USA. Even though the Internet has many visitors who look to criticize individuals with a humanitarian message, you have exposed yourself to the potential for such criticism so that you can share info with people who want to learn about you and about Iranian culture that drove you to make arrangements to leave your family and find a country with the promise of freedom to pursue happiness. You and Jamie Glazov are doing a good thing to create this forum for educating those who want it.

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