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Jamie Glazov Moment: What a Woman in Hijab is Really Saying to You

It's not about fashion. And it's not about modesty. But do you really want to know the terrifying truth?

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses What a Woman in Hijab is Really Saying to You, unveiling the terrifying truth about what it really signifies. 

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20 Responses

  1. Right on to mention TAQIYYA but it needs emphasis. 🙂 This is why many Muslims do not wear them, so they can honor ALLAH in the taqiyya, blending in and cloaking themselves as in the way of their MURUNA, where all partaking of things normally considered HARAM are made ok if you only do them to fool the KAFIR, the most foul word in the Quran.

    MURUNA is just as important and so is HIJRA, we are becoming so overwhelmed we are overlooking these are pivotal tenets of Islam. 🙂 I mean this in peace, not criticism, in worry, not judgment.

    Right on about rape as well, that is why Germany was just found to be warning it’s school girls to begin covering up now, as in Islam, TO AVOID RAPE and they said so.

    ~Thank you for your devotion to the cause and your courage.

    1. Thanks for your excellent analysis, Tracy. We need more people like you to do the reading and clearly understand it as you have done. Whatever Muslims do, it cannot be taken at face value because they imitate the deceit of Mohammed who imitated the deceit of Allah ‘the greatest of deceivers’.

    2. It’s okay to judge. Every animal on the earth is imbued with the ability to judge. Judgement is necessary for survival. This modern injunction against judgement (discernment) is suicide–literally–for individuals, for communities, for states, and for civilizations.

  2. Living in the west, the hijab has become a potent indicator of identity with many non-Muslims viewing it as a political statement. However, it is pertinent to note that the hijab is, first and foremost, an act of worship that women engage in, and an act undertaken to seek the pleasure of one’s Lord.

    The definition of a hijab is fiercely contested by many Muslims, and unfortunately most of those who engage in the topic are unaware that it is very much defined by Islamic law, the Sharia, and not cultural habits or one’s idea of what modesty is, or should be.

    In discussing the hijab, Islamic jurists have stipulated a number of conditions for it to be a hijab in the Islamic sense. In brief, these conditions are that one’s clothing must cover the entire body in a way that the shape of the body is not apparent and the material must not be so thin that one can see through it. Clothing should not resemble that which is specific to men nor the disbelievers. It should not be attractive to men, nor should women be perfumed in public. The main aim of hijab is to stop fitnah; females who are attractive by nature attract the gaze of males which then leads to other greater sins such as fornication and adultery. Allah commanded women neither to display their adornment nor to display any form of behaviour that might attract the attention of men.

    In fact, scholars from various schools of thought prohibit women from raising their voices in public, even if it be the utterance of the talbiyah during hajj or the adhan (call to prayer) between females. The Sharia also prohibits men to visit lonely women and to stay alone with them. It also prohibited men to look at women. One of the main problems is limiting the hijab as being a manifestation of female Muslim identity. When France banned the hijab they looked at it as a religious symbol unable to understand the meaning of ibaadah (worship). However, it is unfortunate to see many Muslims treating it as merely a form of identity, and once the symbolic representation has been accomplished the necessity to perform it in a way that meets its conditions laid down by Allah is overlooked. This is one of subtly reprehensible values that many western Muslims have unknowingly adopted. We have to understand that Islamic practices including observing the hijab are actions of ibaadah. They are meant to please Allah, avoid being disobedient, and earn hasanaat in order to attain a high rank in paradise.

    This is a major mistake that many Muslims fall into when undertaking many Islamic practices. Having the correct aim in wearing the hijab is the first and main step towards a solution for this problem. It should be noted that projecting concerns about this non-shar’ii form of hijab does not imply discouraging Muslim women from observing a limited form of hijab which they have chosen, but instead it serves to encourage Muslim women to progress to observe the correct method of hijab. The intention of this article is driven by the desire for improvement and progress and not to incite women to withdraw from the hijab completely.

    Some Muslims posit that we should not be strict in calling for the proper observance of many Islamic practices in the west, and as such, we should encourage Muslim women to do as much as they are, without criticism, even if some do not complete such observance. Undoubtedly we agree to encouraging Muslim women to do as much as they can, but correcting wrong or incomplete Islamic practices is an obligation upon those who know.

    It is indeed the case that many sisters are completely ignorant about the conditions of the legally valid hijab, and hence it is incumbent upon us to raise awareness of the legal conditions and features of a correct hijab. Knowledge is the cure for many of our mistakes. Advising sisters who undoubtedly wear the hijab out of good intentions as well as educating their parents is another way towards solving this issue. It might be a good idea to print and distribute some leaflets that describe the authentic hijab in a way that goes beyond merely a head covering.

    1. Allah never said anything as he does not exist. Therefore Mohammad did not communicate with him, odd is it not that when Mohammad asked ‘allah’ for advice he almost always got the answer he desired.
      If there was an ‘allah’ why would he use an uneducated camel driver as his ‘messenger’ when there were plenty of learned men available?
      What would ‘allah’ create women and then allow men to be so lustful that they have to hide themselves from the sight of men?

    2. The ACTUAL, TRUE purpose of the hijab is to hide a woman’s face so she may be reserved to be the bride of her FIRST COUSIN who has the FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL. The hijab actually has no religious purpose, but mere sociological one…that of keeping inheritance for the grandchildren of the testator.

      The hijab’s purpose is to protect first cousin marriage…that hideous and debilitating custom of desert Arabs foisted on all Muslims as a command ‘from Allah’. Arabs now have 50 generations of inbreeding and over 900 genetically related illnesses.

    3. The wearing of such garments is a matter of choice, not a Koranic requirement.

      In fact there is no theological foundation for these separatist face masks, as most non-fundamentalists recognise. Only recently, Al-Azhar, the leading institution of Muslim theology in the Islamic world, declared that the burka has no spiritual authenticity.

      There is no basis for the pretense that there is any religious sanction for the burka which has nothing to do with Islam but is a cultural fad imported from Saudi Arabia and primitive parts of the Islamic world… in fact it is a custom originating in Byzantium and ancient Persia more than 1,000 years before the birth of Islam. It was upheld by male aristocrats because of social snobbery since they did not want their womenfolk — wives, daughters, sisters or mothers — to be seen by the peasantry.

      Further, there is no evidence in the Koran to support the wearing of the burka. Indeed, the Holy Book stipulates that men ‘should lower their gaze’ when meeting women to avoid lecherous staring (verse 24, chapter 30). So logically, if women were fully covered up there would be no need for such an instruction.

      Since it is forbidden for Muslim women going on pilgrimages to Mecca to cover their faces, so if such a pre-Islamic practice is banned in Islam’s holiest site, why on earth would it be required on the streets of any western nation?

      There is no unqualified human right to wear whatever we want in public. In every developed society, personal freedoms have to take account of wider social mores.

      Also there are huge implications for security, after several cases of terrorists and criminals using the burka to evade detection — a particularly worrying development given the explicit, bloody threats of militant extremists. In our troubled world, there can be no absolute right to anonymity in public. If I tried to wear a ski-mask on a bus or at a bank, I would quickly be told to remove the item or leave, or be arrested. Why should the same rules not apply to Muslim women? The demand for equal rights has always been central to the feminist cause, and in this case feminists should be calling for men and women regardless of affiliation to be treated equally.

      Finally, the burka is an archaic tribal piece of cloth that is eagerly used by fundamentalist zealots to promote a toxic brand of extremist non-Koranic theology, and everyone, including Muslims, should oppose the insidious spread of this vile piece of clothing, which imprisons women, threatens social harmony, fuels distrust, has grave health implications and is a potent security risk. Either everyone has the right to mask their face or no one has.

      (Dr Taj Hargey is the Imam of the Oxford Islamic Congregation and the Director of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford – with some editorial license by myself. Her original discussion may be found @ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2695181/Why-I-Muslim-launching-campaign-ban-burka-Britain.html#ixzz3mR5lrfzR )

    4. It is helpful to know that the hajib is a part of worship for the Muslim/Islamics. However, it has also been used by males who have terrorized people in the U.S. Is that worship also? That is why the objection to hajib. We don’t consider it to be political, only that as far as politics are concerned, it identifies one as Islamic/Muslim.

      Try forbidding the men from using that particular form of worship, and I’m sure you’ll see more respect for the worship.

    5. cock and bull and loads of crap.
      islam is an intrusive political system masquerading as a religion, with a very low view of women, and that’s exactly what I see in your statements of defense for islam.
      You want your women to wear the hijab and loose fitting clothes because naturally attractive women can cause men’s libido to rise and lead to other ‘sins’ ?
      The fact is that if you have respect for your mothers and sisters, or other women in your society, only the very sick among your kind can digress to being animals and rape and do stuff to your women. And that is true of every society.
      Your young men think raping women is a sport because they see that same kind of attitude in their fathers and brothers and uncles and grandfathers.
      Your menfolk are sick, oppressive, and untrustworthy, and your hijab to your mind might be an act of worship but it has been used time and again for your murderers to hide behind.
      You wrote a long piece of pure taqqiya.
      islam is crock.
      It is no religion.

  3. Hijjab means mostly to save yourself from potential rapists and other lewdness that might be bound to fall on you from the MALES.. in other words, the males are portrayed to be so weak, stupid and mentally unable to control their desires, thats why the females need to cover up.. its like if you are afraid of some gangster, you go and hide yourself in a police station and say that well its for the people so we can and should hide here forever… and the police instead of catching the gangster lets u stay there in prison…
    I think Hijjab is of no use, its better to educate and aware the uncontrollable males of the society….
    …and even according to the Muslim faith, in heaven the men are going to get 70 virgins…and what shall they do with those 70 virgins??? just sit and enjoy their beauty or …..

  4. #NoHijabDay was celebrated on 11th October around the world to recognise Muslim women who have freedom to express their faith and cultural identity in a modern way. It was a day of Enlightenment for mothers daughters grand mother’s aunts nieces and the men who serve them.

    However we must also remember the millions of women from Muslim and non-Muslim faith who do not have a choice. Read Iftikhar Ahmad’s post to see the heavy focus of the hijab is to apply strict religious rules and laws which are so complex that they are often misinterpreted. Sharia (Islamic law) penalties range by regions but honorkilling and mutilation are two widely practised methods of forcing women to adhere and the number of incidents are rising in western countries in correlation to the migration of Muslims.

    How many women and girls have to die or be permanently scarred before Muslim women with a choice will realise that accepting the hijab as a symbol of faith has wider consequences?

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  6. I thought of subscribing, but, well, you know, I really don’t care if these goat humping muddafukkas kill their women, their children, their wives, daughters for wearing or not wearing their stupid hijab. I have no sympathy for muslims (lower case intentional…..sarcasm, sarcasm..), NONE, whatsoever.
    I want them out of the West.
    Tell them to run to the arms of their Sunni or Shiite Sheikhs.

  7. I don’t care what religion you are, just don’t shove it in my face. I get very upset when I go into McDonalds and I am greeted by a lady wearing a head dress. Keep your religion out of the work place. If you have to wear it at all times maybe you shouldn’t work in the public eye.
    Read the book Star Spangled Sharia for what they are really trying to do. It describes the uniting of many (all) muslim brotherhood spawned groups into a political party. Put out by Center for Security Policy.

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"United in Hate: The Left's Romance With Tyranny and Terror."