Tommy Robinson, Part I: Enemy of the State — on The Glazov Gang

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This new special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Tommy Robinson, the founder and ex-leader of the EDL, the coordinator of Pegida UK and the author of his new memoir, Enemy of the State.

Tommy came on the show to discuss his memoir and his continuing fight against the Islamization of his country, the UK. He talks about his opposition to all forms of racism and the slanders against him, the British authorities’ persecution of him for being a British patriot, the vicious Islamic assault on his nation and the mass denial about it, and much, much more.

Don’t miss it! [And watch Part II of this 2-part series].

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5 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson, Part I: Enemy of the State — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. I read Tommy’s book too. He is one of the most maligned men in Britain. I know Tommy is no longer in the EDL, but the way that EDL protests are policed help to reinforce the ‘racism’ myth, because they are so corralled in by police that members of the public, and the Unite Against Facist protestors who turn up to give a counter demonstration, can’t get close enough to see that there are non-whites in the EDL. So people can go on assuming it’s all white racist thugs.
    Having been to observe EDL and UAF counterdemos, I also think a lot of the ‘racism’ accusations are based upon class – because if you look at the two groups from a distance, the major differences are visible in terms of class – the EDL have more people dressed in ways which betray that they are from more working class backgrounds, the UAF group were more middle class, with students, middle aged ‘nice’ ladies etc. So, the irony is for those accusing others of prejudice, there is a strong prejudice in this country that will automatically assume that working class people are racist thugs – i.e., that white working class people are racist thugs. And the very fact that the policing of these events makes such a huge fuss – disrupts entire town centres etc., and corrals in the EDL while giving the UAF counter demonstrators more freedom of movement, leads people in the general public to assume that the EDL are automatically all ‘wrong’uns’ because it’s ‘their fault’ that there is such huge police presence.
    As to the police doing nothing about the rape gangs – at the Oxford EDL demo last April, the EDL stood outside the Oxford police station and spoke about how a 12 year old girl, bleeding from where she had been raped, turned up at 2 in the morning at that very police station. She was told she was being naughty and told to go home. On her own. SHAME ON THE POLICE. But the actions of the police in managing the EDL demo meant that they totally surrounded the EDL so that very few members of the public – perhaps about 20 or so – were inside the massive police cordon, and even there it was hard to hear what was being said.
    So, the policing of the event ensured that the EDL speeches criticising the police could not be heard. Nice one, police.
    I am not surprised at the police treatment of Tommy. Decades ago, in the mid 1980s, I had a minor experience myself where I saw how easily police behaviour can deteriorate. I was with a small group of people arrested for whitewashing on pavements – ie, chalk suspended in water – as part of a Hiroshima Day event. It washes off in the rain – it’s just like any other chalking on the pavement of which there is a long and continuing tradition. The police lied to us about fingerprinting procedures, telling us we had no option to give our prints (false – this was before the Police and Criminal Evidence Bill came into force); one woman was a breastfeeding mother, who was anxious to get home to feed her child – she was put in a cell with human excrement smeared over the walls, and when she asked that a message be sent to her husband that he needed to go out and buy formula for the baby, they said they would but never made the call, so the baby went without food. The police lied to us about bail conditions – they tried to get bail conditions put on us to prevent us from going within a mile of the city centre on Hiroshima Day ‘for fear of further offences’ (I lived within a mile of the city centre) and told us that the magistrates ‘had no option to endorse the police request’ so we might as well accept these. A lie – of course the magistrates don’t have to accept the police request for bail and indeed they turned it down. We put in complaints to the police, and were harassed to drop them. ALL THIS for painting chalk pictures on the pavements to commemorate the dead of Hiroshima. I can’t help thinking this treatment was because of the ‘political’ nature of the event. (And by the way, the city in question was Bristol, which now celebrates the graffiti Banksey paints all over the city.) Later, a woman came in arrested for driving without a licence. She had not caused an accident, she had not actually hurt anyone. She asked the guard if she could see a solicitor – which is her right. The reply – ‘I might ask about it, next time I happen to be upstairs’. I was so glad I was arrested, because until I saw it with my own eyes, I would not have believed the police would behave like this.

  2. Thank you for this interview. Tommy Robinsons address to the Oxford Union is one of the most moving talks I have ever heard. The man is a hero in the true meaning of the word. I sincerely hope they stop persecuting this man and he be allowed to live his life in peace.

  3. The British Government, as the United States Government, is now strongly influenced by Moslems who have finagled themselves into the highest positions of various administrative agencies, and subdivisions of the national govt. structure. The focal influence is Satanic. In the Holy Bible, it is said that “The Devil is like a Roaring Lion, and goes about the whole Earth, Seeking whom he may devour” and this is what is taking place. The West, has been the originator of Christian and Judaistic influence in the whole World for the last three hundred years, and if the West is removed, or compromised, Satan and his Cult of Islam win. Of course the people who are politicians in the UK are in Fear, most are atheists, and to acknowledge the Evil, also have to admit that they have turned from the Good. They are not honest enough, and lack the Integrity to do so.
    Keep up the Good Fight Tommy Robinson and Jamie Glazov, continue to be a Fearless, and True Journalist and Reporter, giving the World the Real News.

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