BREAKING NEWS: Mike Finch Puts On Glazov Gang T-Shirt!

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Breaking news reports are now flooding in that Michael Finch, the Freedom Center’s Chief Operating Officer, has put on a Glazov Gang T-Shirt.

In so doing, Finch has sent Islamists and leftists into a ferocious fury worldwide and mass demonstrations are now expected to break out. Asked for a comment about his bold move on behalf of freedom, Finch briefly stated: “I will not be silenced.”

Glazov Gang T-Shirts are indeed now on the market. Make sure to be the coolest person at every party and order yours HERE.


Also don’t miss Michael Finch’s new collection of poetry, Finding Home.

Now is the moment to help the program that boldly tells the truth about the Left and Islamic Jihad that our media and culture simply won’t dare discuss.

And make sure you haven’t missed our BLOCKBUSTER episode Whistleblower Reveals How Obama Facilitated San Bernardino Jihadist Attack, in which Former Homeland Security Officer Philip Haney shared how his DHS program would most likely have prevented the California massacre — if the administration hadn’t shut it down.

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