Is Globalism Demonic? – on The Glazov Gang

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This new special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Pastor Wallace Henley, the co-author of God and Churchill.

Pastor Henley came on the show to discuss Is Globalism Demonic?, focusing on what really lies behind the agenda to build a utopian world order without national borders.

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8 thoughts on “Is Globalism Demonic? – on The Glazov Gang”

  1. Jamie, I enjoy your videos so much! But I wish they were longer! MORE! I need more. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Old Covenant = Do what I say and you’ll be blessed. Don’t do and you’ll be cursed. In both cases, you’ll be an example to the rest of the world.
    New Covenant = I’ll write my law in your hearts and minds, God really will be God, and you’ll also be given eternal life.

    Secular/Babelist/Progressive “Covenant” = Do what we say or we’ll — ultimately — kill you.

  3. This is in fact the most important topic of all time!

    What was discussed in this video concerning the clash between the two kingdoms, both spiritual and natural, is paramount.

    However, even with such great teaching this pastor has brought to the table, simply exposing it is not enough. Exposing the evil deeds of darkness is like saying, “look, there is the enemy” Exposing the enemy is not even the beginning of a war, and every war is won and lost on how good the Intel is, and how many battles are won through effective strategies and tactics.

    Faith is not a passive commodity, but an active energy, and is not effective until the invisible enemy is engaged, wrestled, and defeated, for “as above, so below.” Put another way, “first the spiritual, then the natural.”

    The strategies and tactics of God must be discerned, understood, and enacted according to the direction of His Spirit, and in real time, and by the Body of Christ, not as a philosophy, but as an actual spiritual war, fervently unrelenting, to be effective.

    Four points that cannot be ignored.

    1. “Apart from me you can do nothing.”
    2. “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”
    3. “Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.”
    4. “And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

    While the first two speak to the spiritual means of achieving this, the third speaks to God’s intention on how He will achieve it, and the fourth on the weapons of His warfare.

    Simply put, it is God’s intent to achieve this through the body of Christ, and His army marches forward into the enemies spiritual territory, upon their feet!

    The lack of effectiveness by the body of Christ in this regard is the very reason our Lord has not yet returned. Satan has deluded the body into low dimensional thinking, or natural thinking, thereby removing the weapons of our warfare. The result is Lucifer continues to hold his ground and keeps intact his kingdom upon the Earth through his appointed agents, both spiritual and natural – for now. Again, “as above, so below.”

    Until more than a mere remnant of believers enter into the unseen world of the opposers, the Ha Shatan, the forces of darkness operating in the lower realms of the heavenly dimensions will continue to prevail against the “feet” of the body which are upon the Earth, and very little real success will be forthcoming.

    Mostly what we have seen for thousands of years, and see now coming from the Body of Christ is nothing more than lots of shouting, and a beating of their shields. This is not war. This is acting out. It has very little power to make a change in the spiritual realms.

    Essentially this is an El War, a War of the Angels, of whom both the Gibborim (Terrible Ones) and the Qadash (Set Apart Ones) move and war against one another according to the supplications of both the evil and the righteous men upon the Earth. Another name for this is the Kosmokrator Wars.

    I have been acting alone for several decades, in intense spiritual warfare wielding real spiritual weapons against the Ha Shatan, at great cost and loss to myself, enduring fiery ordeals and judgements, that I may judge the angels, and execute His will upon the Earth, by prophesying into the heavenly realms.

    Understand that all warriors are tried and tested by God subjecting them to siftings and fiery ordeals to test their faith. This is the Way of the Spiritual Warrior under He who is our Commander in Chief.

    I will tell you this first. God is not passive, nor are His real warriors. They are men like unto King David and seasoned in battle, often taking out “as above” Els resulting in “as below” destructions and eliminations, even the deaths of natural vessels in whom the evil Els abide or control.

    I will not use this as a time to teach deep things in full but will give a short illustration of our authority under the direction of God.

    On the night of March 19, 2017, God gave me a vision and commanded me to pray fervently, and to then command the invisible realm to come against Baal, who is in league with Jez-baal or Jezabel, the false father and mother spirits currently ruling the earthly kingdoms for the Ha Shatan, whose abode is in the fifth heaven. The key to understanding the pentagram and its power.

    In the vision, while in intense prayer, I saw an arrow fly through the air from the right to the left, and immediately Baal appeared in the sky wielding a curved sword raised against me. Interestingly enough, a noticeable chink was in it as if it had suffered some destruction from a great battle. I also noticed that Baal had a blinded left eye from former battles! I am positive this near deadly wound came from the prophet Elijah!

    When he appeared Baal wielded the sword against me as if to slay me, but he was defeated because of the arrow, that arrow landing with great force into his left thigh, piercing it deeply and wounding him greatly. He immediately dissipated before my spiritual eyes. I was astounded by the vision and wondered of it’s significance, yet the peace of God was upon me, as it always is after an intense battle won, so I rejoiced in faith.

    The next day David Rockefella died.

    Several years ago God let me see into the spiritual state and the power behind Charles Jacob Rothschild over a period of several night in open visions. The details of this will be saved for another time, if interested.

    These are recent examples of many encounters both great and small over the decades, and the judgements of evil men and women empowered by evil Els.

    In conclusion, and I state this emphatically; until the saints of God rise up and take the fight to the enemy in the spiritual realm, using the weapons of God’s warfare under His direct instruction, we are doomed to a long slow defeat that will ultimately lead us to the brink of complete annihilation, for the kind of faith for this type of warfare is rare amongst the body of Christ.

    Yet God always has a plan, especially for the end as revealed in the revelation. He will raise up men and women like unto Moses and Elijah, who will have the same spirit of fire and judgement burning in their breasts, and this will bring about the return of our King!

    God has already seeded a few throughout the Earth, and they prosecute His war in a secret and hidden manner. At this time they are not aware of one another in the natural, but they know of the existence of their kindred spirits through spiritual understanding.

    When He returns will He find this kind of faith upon the Earth?

    1. Being an ex Pagan, some of your words alarm me! What you say is either WAY above my new Christian head, or you’re full of crap. Hahahah!

      1. It’s way above your head. Of, this I have no doubt. It is way above most learned pastors and teachers heads as well. Yahshua did say, “I have many more things to say to you, but you are not able to bear them at this time.”

        The Rhema word is living and active, and He is always teaching us if we seek Him with all of our heart. My greatest disappointment is that I don’t seek Him fully as I should, for to hear, then to act, brings a sifting, a fiery ordeal, and great loss in the natural.

        Don’t feel bad about it as it is the same with most Christians. “Be it done according to your faith”. I live with this daily.

        Our Lord promised that if we follow Him fully and believe, we too will be “despised and rejected of men”. I have been rejected by those who should be my brothers and sisters in the Lord, but it is okay for I know my walk is a lonely one, as is the one of all prophets (seers) who are called of God, and as a result am vexed by Baal and Jez-baal, the placeholder spirits of the air, for their master Samma-el, the one eyed wicked one!

        I will tell you this. As an ex pagan, you are not the first to be astounded by these things. I have had people I have never met (obviously wiccans) yell at me from a distance to “stay away from me!”

        I learned spiritual warfare, not in a church, but in private and in a small group prayer (now nearly 40 years on this path), and taught spiritual warfare online on PalTalk in a room called World Wide Warriors for 10 years in he early 2000s, and many pagans as you call them; I call them for what they are; servants of the Ha Shatan, sorcerers, witches, and wanna-be practitioners of the dark arts, would come into the room and be equally amazed, asking where I received such knowledge. To the natural mind, I am a “nut case”.

        Many would challenge me not only on spiritual knowledge but with their particular familiar’s real demonic power. Some I allowed to do so publicly, and some privately, to test their spirits.

        I have had sorcerers listen in, knowing full well who they were while they sat under a nic-name incognito, because God showed me in a vision hours before, that they would be there. When, respectfully I might add, requested by one to a private chat, which we did have, I described them and their unique look perfectly, and the room they were in, even to the location, size, and the wall surrounding them. They were amazed, and this one in particular said that he would leave me alone as he knows that I manifested the power of the Most High.

        Another, a female wiccan challenged me to a spiritual fight in private, sent their demon against me three times, and each time I felt it’s power, yet it bounced off the shield of faith God had put around me. I did not retaliate as that was not my purpose, for God has assured me that “he who contends with me He will contend with.”

        I have encountered real Satanic emissaries from all five levels of the Ha Shatan, even to the very spirit of death, to which I stood firm (this is another story) and also communed a few times with righteous Els, being caught up, even unto the Lord himself.

        I have been awoken by prophetic dreams many times several times when God is about to do something big. 1. Death of Princess Diana. 2. World Trade Center Attacks. In each I am present within the dream and aware of the symbolism occurring in each. I realize that I am unknown and do not seek notoriety, as my purpose is to work in a hidden manner under the Spirit of God.

        To convince anyone of these things is impossible. So yes, if you cannot accept it and want to call me crazy, I am happy to wear that rebuke for you know not what you do, and prefer to be counted with my Lord in this regard.

        I am very happy you have abandoned the left hand path. I pray you are not dogged by your former master, but if you should start to take souls from his kingdom you might well find yourself once again in the fire of war.

        Yah Bless!

        1. It is not my place to tell you what you do is right or wrong, crazy or sane, blessed or demonic. Nor can I comprehend any gift Yeshua has or has not given you. Your walk is for you to figure out. Yes, I am blessed with leaving Wicca behind and I denounce it. At this point in my walk, I know nothing but Christ and Him crucified.

          1. Indeed the safest path.

            “9Having made known unto us the mystery of his will, according to his good pleasure which he hath purposed in himself: 10That in the dispensation of the fulness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in him: 11In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will:”

            Ephesians 1:9-11

  4. Pray without ceasing. This is how to get God’s attention. And when you pray, pray in spirit and in truth.

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