Video: Portrait of a Zionist: Aynaz Anni Cyrus (TRAILER)

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It is with great excitement that we announce the BLOCKBUSTER on-the-edge-of-your-seat thriller that is coming out about the producer of The Glazov Gang, Anni Cyrus!

Produced by the AMAZING Olive Key Kats, this stirring and riveting film goes behind the scenes to reveal who Anni Cyrus really is and, with staggering and penetrating detail, it reveals what truly makes her tick and what she is achieving.

The hard-hitting and jaw-dropping trailer just came out. As expected, it is triggering reverberating and cataclysmic shock waves around the world. It is called: Portrait of a Zionist: Aynaz Anni Cyrus (TRAILER). Make sure to watch it NOW:

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11 thoughts on “Video: Portrait of a Zionist: Aynaz Anni Cyrus (TRAILER)”

  1. Anni always speaks the truth with passion.She fled the
    oppressive Iranian regime where she suffered under sharia,
    and her worst nightmare is that unless people speak the truth,
    without fear sharia will be in effect in a place near you,or me
    and our freedoms will be lost.There is no middle ground here.I applaud Anni for her boldness and courage.May God bless and protect her.

    1. But you must understand IFYOU CAN, it is her Word against others……….I have been to Iran, worked in Iran for Swedish Scania, and the Iranians are fine people, tolerant to others and very generous………… that could be because I am a Swede…….and not an American.
      America is the biggest terrorist nation in the World, Always terrorising other countries and other peoples………often cos they can and sometimes its for financial profits……… oil and precious metals

      1. So that is why Sweden today is almost completely being taken over by the Muslim colonists and the government is becoming unable to protect their people? Why is the Swedish government encouraging their media to hide true reports of the attacks going on against the citizens who are not Muslim?

      2. America does indeed sometimes fight, unlike neutered- er, neutral countries that don’ t really stand for anything anyway.

        Tell me tony, how does America “terrorize other countries? By protecting their neutral asses from invasion by the Nazis? By going to war against nations lead by murderous thugs?

        You’ve stated your claim, bub- let’s see if you have the cohones to defend it.

      3. You have got to be kidding. America feeds and clothes about 1/3 of the world, and we get nothing in return. America is the most charitable nation on Earth, and we take in more refugees and immigrants than any nation on the globe. Don’t you dare call America a terrorist nation. You don’t have a clue.

  2. The Iranian people are fine people.It’s the oppressive
    regime they live under that is the subject matter. We have
    friends from Iran and they are friendly,warm and hospitable.

  3. An attack on Anni is an attack on Free speech, on ME and on you. The Iranians may be good people, but for crimminy sake! They ALLOWED the Islamisation of their Nation. WHY? Simple answer_ because a majority MUST believe in Allah. If they believe in Allah let Allah free them. I don’t support Iran nor the Iranian people. And to say they are ALL good people is ridiculous. If they follow Quran, and Muhammad, they are not good people. Islam MUST be eradicated if the world is to remain free.

  4. This is one brave woman standing against the might and prejudice of a regressive, oppressive and misognynistic religion. Islam excuses the weak male and subjugates the female, it is sterile and can only propogate through rape and slavery of its women. That Kats etc feel the need to concentrate upon Anni in particular demonstrates not only the fear this “religion” of women but also that Anni and other ex Muslims are having an effect. It could almost be deemed flattery, that Anni is having an effect and I for one hope this film brings her a smile of satisfaction.

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