Glazov Moment: Mattel’s Hijab-Wearing Enslaved Barbie

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses Mattel’s Hijab-Wearing Enslaved Barbie, unveiling how America’s toy company is normalizing vicious savagery against women and girls.

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And make sure to watch Jamie focus on What a Woman in Hijab is Really Saying to You, where he reveals the terrifying truth about what the Hijab really signifies.

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4 thoughts on “Glazov Moment: Mattel’s Hijab-Wearing Enslaved Barbie”

  1. Loved your 2 videos Jamie, particularly the vid about *What a Woman in Hijab is Really Saying to You* I had a personal experience with what you trying to convey to your audience.
    In between looking for a job I wanted, I found some work as a carer for a lady who was in an road accident. My job was to do some housework & look after her 2 little girls. This particular lady was a Pakistan Muslim woman who was forced to wear a hijab outside her house by her husband. I gained her trust as time went by & she confided in me & told me she was so wanting to buy some western clothes & throw her hijab in the bin but would have been scolded by her husband. So to cut a long story short, you are spot on with what you proclaim in your video, I just wanted to share this story with you.

    Keep up your great work Jamie.

    Best wishes

  2. What do you think Islamic fundamentalist would say about a Muslim Barbie doll ? What is written in the hadiths? What did Mohammed say about man creating images of Allah’s creations? Would angels enter a house where there is a Barbie? These ignorant liberals need to get educated. This is not a tribute to feminism or women’s rights. This is a statement of western ignorance regarding Islam & it’s anti human rights ideology.

  3. the only suggestion i have is that one should probably use some other search engine than google, who in march of 2017 added “this is hateful, racist, or offensive” to their ratings selections that their “search quality raters,” approximately 10 000 people who manually rate the quality of search predictions, use to rate search prediction quality. search prediction is the list of possible matches that pops up and changes as U type into the search box. the subsequent frame for the search raters asks for the inappropriate predictions to be selected from a list of those that were displayed, and now has, ahead of “sexually explicit,” “violent or includes dangerous and harmful activity,” and “other,” a radio button for “hateful.” as google has proved by firing james damore for deviating from the Party Line of google, that Party Line is hard left (search – not with google! – for “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber” by james damore in july 2017).

    google uses an AI algorithm to predict searches, and part of the training the algorithm gets are these prediction ratings. even if the search filters are turned off, the algorithm will learn to put hits from “hateful” sites like,,,,, et al., much lower in the returns. when there are millions of hits for a search, good luck finding any truth about islam.

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