Warner Moment: The Need for Heroes

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This new edition of the Glazov Gang presents the Dr. Bill Warner Moment with Dr. Bill Warner, the president of politicalislam.com.

Dr. Warner focuses on The Need for Heroes and explains Why Anni Cyrus is one of them.

Dr. Warner discusses the recent attack on Anni by a leftist named “Steve” and dismantles his amateur attempt at Jihad-Denial.

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And make sure to watch the whole scene of where Steve attacked Anni at Anni’s recent talk at the Henry Monsky Lodge of B’nai B’rith in Omaha, Nebraska.  Steve tries to exonerate Islam and accuses Anni of preaching “hate”.  Then Anni wipes the floor with him:

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2 thoughts on “Warner Moment: The Need for Heroes”

  1. The worst places on earth today that are full of conflicts and human rights abuse have one thing in common…they all follow islam.

    There are 1.5 billion muslims in the world today. No, not all of them are radicals, the majority of them are indeed peaceful people. The radical muslims are estimated to be between 15 to 25% of the islamic population according to all intelligence services around the world. But when you look at 15 to 25% of the muslim population thats approximately 190 to 300 million people dedicated to the absolute destruction of western civilization. To put that in perspective, that’s the population of the USA.

    So, why should we be concerned or “fearful” of this minute amount of 300 million radicals? Because it is the radicals that kill. It’s the radicals that behead, rape, and massacre.

    When you look at our lessons through history, most germans during the 2nd world war were peaceful, ordinary citizens, but it was the small minority of germans known as Nazis that drove the agenda. As a result 60 million people died as a result of this Nazi agenda – 14 million in concentration camps, 6 million were jews. The peaceful majority of germans were irrelevant. The Russians also killed 20 million people, the peaceful majority of Russians were also irrelevant. China, for example, whos peaceful majority were also irrelevant, managed to kill 70 million people. If you look at Japan in pre WW2 era, they were able to butcher their way acros east Asia killing 12 million mostly using bayonets and farmers shovels, the peaceful majority were also irrelevant. On Sept 11th there were 2.3 million arab muslims living in the USA, it took only 19 radicals to hijack 3 planes, bring down the world trade centre, attack the Pentagon and kill almost 3000 Americans that day , bringing America down to its knees – the peaceful majority were irrelevant.

    The problem is two fold. The problem is most muslims, especially ones in the West who have to varying degrees embraced part-heartedly western, democratic, pluralistic civilization  have done so contrary to true islamic teachings without much reservation because they feel the safety of the secular state, yet they still want to claim they are the true representation of “being a muslim” despite their wilful but varying deviation from true islamic law. These westernized muslims via cultural association naturally defend their religion in denying islamic radicals, terrorism, and islamism in general as being reflective of what islam is, desperately crying that “islam is about peace”, cherry picking their islamic scriptures out of context, deliberately because “they” are indeed probably very peaceful muslims, but in spite of islam, (not because of) who just want to exist (self preservation) ergo islam = peace. The second part of the problem is that most “westernized muslims” who live in the west, safely under democracy, are still acutely aware of how islam is, under sharia law in muslim states. This juxtaposed existance in muslim sharia run countries is a very very different situation requiring a very very different conduct of behaviour of muslims compared to the “diluted” islam they now enjoy in the west.

    Now Instead of simply opposing radical Islam and it’s atrocities vocally and pushing for  reformation within their religion, necessitating the risk of backlash from radical islam, they choose instead to actively deny it has anything to do with islam in the first place ; as it serves two key purposes:

    1.  Western Muslims then do not have to criticize or oppose (for lack of a better word) “radical”  islam, which is ironically forbidden under islamic law as “blasphemy” and is ironically under islamic law punishable by death, and…

    2. Choose rather, to claim radical Islam is not truly islam, as its use, ( if push comes to shove ) conveniently CAN fall under the islamicly condoned practice known in the islamic world as “taqiyya” – which is the authorized use of deception in order to advance islam, that most muslims dont particularly want you to know about..for obvious reasons.

  2. Taqiyya is an absolute curse on the ability of our government to safely accept their word on anything. Sharia is incapable of peaceful co-existence with any form of our government processes and western law practices. So, when newly minted US citizens, can we really believe them when they raise their right hand and swear to protect, defend and abide by our republican form of government? As they advance into our elected public offices at town, county, state and federal levels can they be trusted to support our Constitutional system? Sadly I don’t believe we can. Islam is a built in form of government that enslaves rather than liberates to an extent no other religion even contemplates. In my opinion islam is a tyrannical form of government masquerading as a religion.

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