Glazov Gang: Brigitte Gabriel – Was Mohammed Good to Jews and Christians?

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang features Brigitte Gabriel, the founder of ACT for America.

Brigitte focuses on Was Mohammed Good to Jews and Christians?, offering a harrowing glimpse at the true historical record.

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And make sure to watch Tommy Robinson discuss “If They Murdered Me,” where he exposes how the UK authorities deliberately put him in harm’s way.

[As we all know, Tommy has just been thrown into UK jail in a horrifyingly totalitarian manner. Help him by visiting his website,, and by also going to Rebel Media, which has nobly taken up his cause.]

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6 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Brigitte Gabriel – Was Mohammed Good to Jews and Christians?”

  1. We must reach out to our Muslim community to help us fight against radical Islam. Act for America.

    Not all Muslims are terrorist: Act for America

    Two key points for Christians and Jews that lived every day under Sharia in the Middle East subjugated: They would ask you, who is throwing acid in the face of non Muslim girls? Who is driving vehicles over non Muslims? Who is forming sex grooming gangs forcing non Muslim females into prostitution?

    Answer: Muslims in those communities following Allah/Muhammad.

    They the Christians and Jews in the Middle East would say these notions are insanity, in their world there is no such thing as radical/moderate/hijacked Allah/Muhammad.

    Focus only on Allah/Muhammad and educate those in Washington, deal with designating CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organizations, explain that Islamic scholars read and understand the Quran and teach Muslims what is said in their text, from there a clear picture explaining Islam based on it’s teachers Allah/Muhammad is not welcome in the U.S and Canada, discontinue the hopeful notion of the above mentioned, it takes the wind out of the sails of those that never speak those words, in short, a voice for the voiceless based on reality. IMHO.

  2. Let’s face it. Islam has nothing positive to offer anyone except maybe men who see this as a way to treat women like dirt and get away with it. It is not a religion of peace or of love. Sharia, which half the Muslims in the US think is OK and should be allowed, justifies the debasement of women and sees that as a way of life. It should be a banned religion in this country.

  3. My 7:22 AM comment was never posted. Is there a problem? Take a few minutes to watch part of the documentary. It was endorsed by Bill Warner, Daniel Pipes, ACT Ohio, etc.

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