Glazov Moment: Toronto Jihad and Deadly Jihad Denial

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses Toronto Jihad and Deadly Jihad Denial, unveiling why the blood of the tragic victims is on the Left’s hands.

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3 thoughts on “Glazov Moment: Toronto Jihad and Deadly Jihad Denial”

  1. Thanks for explaining so well the cover up of the jihad attack in Toronto by Trudeau Gov’t and left wing media ie CBC and Toronto Star and even infultrating to chief of police who gave statement that it was not terrorist attack even though he said they would continue to investigate but was not telling whole story and it was so obvious it was cover up by how fast they came to that conclusion and clung onto mental illness scenerio. Very disturbing for our country that this is going on. Trudeau is following EU and terrible mess in Briton where free speech is thing of past almost. Really the gaul of them to do this when all those people were shot down and just 3 months after another attack deemed mental illness also where even more people were purposely ran over and murdered. in Toronto. Then they try to divert the problem with taking away legal guns. He used illegal gun from US. All those people covering up are just as responsible as shooter and enabling this to happen. They should all be jailed toute suite. These liberal politicians and Trudeau are showing how demented and sick they are to enable this to happen by covering up for it. You broke thru brainwashing and explained it all so clearly Jamie. Thks. I will get your new book.

  2. Jamie,
    A very well thought-out moment and talk. All Americans should hear it and should also hear that these Jihad moments so devastating to us, are planned by Jihadist, accepted by the Left, and scantily covered up by the Left to show us we must be afraid of the power of Islamists, but we can’t prove anything to get them into trouble because of plausible denial.

    These murders, unfortunately, will continue until we ban Islamism–not Muslims–from the USA, including CAIR and others. They quite simply should not be here.

    Always a good show, Jamie.

  3. i was rather tickled at how restrained jamie was at the end when he called leftists “grotesque, disgusting, and shameful.” the words that *i* wanted to shout out should not appear in a public forum like this, and the veins were standing out in my head and neck as i shouted them. i believe that most leftists are actually “good” people, but they have been deluded by a leftist indoctrination that is disguised as education, and don’t have the basic tools of critical thinking at their disposal to be able to figure out what is happening. the people i thoroughly detest are the hard-core leftists and the pious muslims. the former are thought leaders who lie to cover for their proxy troops, and whom the nominally-leftist media minions ape, not understanding the severe damage that they are doing, while the latter are the proxy troops for the hard-core left. they attack civilized people as often as possible, as their criminal cult teaches, and all the blame is laid at their feet (as if they cared). nobody thinks to blame the left, who continue to cover for their proxies. once it becomes too dangerous to go out to buy gasoline or food, or to go to work, the leftist government (which is pretty much *all* governments these days) will have justification for declaring martial law, and at that point, behind the cover of silence imposed by martial law, the roundups of “troublemakers” can begin.

    does anybody really think that mr. obama, mr. trudeau, et al., are stupid? well, maybe mr. “quick, fix my eyebrow!” trudeau is, but the rest aren’t. they also had (or have) access to classified information about terrorists, so they *know* how dangerous these criminals are. the fact that they are not stupid seals it in my book; they are *complicit*, which makes them *traitors*. it would be satisfying indeed to see them all hung by the neck until dead for their treason, but i don’t trust the State with the power to kill people, so they should all spend the rest of their lives, however long, in prison (preferably in solitary confinement).

    there; got *that* off my chest. good vid, jamie!

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