BREAKING NEWS: Mike Finch Puts On Glazov Gang T-Shirt!

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Breaking news reports are now flooding in that Michael Finch, the Freedom Center’s Chief Operating Officer, has put on a Glazov Gang T-Shirt.

In so doing, Finch, the author of two collections of poetry, Finding Home and Wanderings in Place, has sent globalists  and leftists into a ferocious fury worldwide and mass demonstrations, pro and con, are now expected to break out across America.

Asked for a comment about his bold move on behalf of The Glazov Gang, Finch quipped: “I am and will always be a member of The Glazov Gang.”

Reverberating shock waves were also sent around the planet when it was discovered that Robert Spencer, the director of Jihad Watch and the author of his latest book,The Critical Qur’an, was also seen in public donning a Glazov Gang shirt.

A huge mystery has now arisen about whether or not Chronic Illness Warrior James Richardon, who was recently featured on The Glazov Gang, will also put on a Glazov Gang T-shirt. Only time will tell.

Glazov Gang T-Shirts are indeed now on the market. Make sure to be the coolest person at every party and order yours HERE.


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2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Mike Finch Puts On Glazov Gang T-Shirt!”

  1. So thankful for folks like you who are daily defending our country by spreading truth. I pray daily for evil to be taken down. It will be one day.

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